XRD Technology Partners with Struktur Design Summit, Hosts Attendees for Design Challenge


Rogers, Conn.(May 5, 2015) – XRD® Technology,the leading manufacturer of premium, flexible and repeated impact protection materials, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Struktur—the second annual creative conference for active, outdoor and urban designers. As part of its partnership, XRD Technology will be the host and title sponsor of the XRD Innovation Opening at the University of Oregon’s Innovation Lab on Wednesday, May 6, which kicks-off the three-day conference.

“Struktur brings together design influencers and thought-leaders with a focus on innovation in the outdoor sports and active lifestyle markets” says Dave Sherman, technical solutions manager at the XRD Impact Institute. "We're excited to partner with Struktur because its interactive approach pairs well with our Impact Institute's integrated design process. The XRD Innovation Opening will not only allow attendees to learn about XRD Technology, but also allow them to test it out using the same resources and processes employed at the Impact Institute." 

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The XRD Innovation Opening will be held at the University of Oregon’s White Stag Block on May 6 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. After a brief meet and greet, fashion trend forecast agencyPromostyl will present. The event will culminate with an interactive product design competition, where attendees will be challenged by the XRD Impact Institute team to put their creative thinking caps on for a design challenge built for impact, style and function. 

The XRDImpact Institute is the in-house research, design and testing support center for customer applications of XRD technology, a unique, soft, flexible foam material that hardens upon impact for best-in-class protection. At the Impact Institute, XRD designers and engineers collaborate with product developers on the latest protective gear innovations. The Impact Institute’s process of collaboration helps designers take their product from conception to retail with the highest quality engineering, design and testing. 

Entering its second year in Portland, Oregon, Stuktur is a summit for active, outdoor and urban design professionals. Whether participants attend as designers, work with designers, or aspire be part of the design industry, Struktur is a conference that exposes participants to ground-breaking ideas, innovative techniques and the creative minds who are at the helm of innovation within the the industry. This year’s event will feature presentations from designers at leading brands BurtonMountain Hardwear, and K2 Snowboarding among many others.

For more information on XRD technology, please visit www.poronxrd.com. And click here for a demonstration of XRD technology’s protective properties.

About XRD Extreme Impact Protection

XRD® Technology is a revolutionary impact foam that provides unrivaled repeated impact protection and unparalleled product design capabilities. XRD Technology is thin, flexible, breathable, soft to the touch, and comfortable when worn, but firms upon impact to form a protective shell around the wearer or object. The unique material formulation of XRD Extreme Impact Protection ensures the utmost comfort, durability, and performance throughout the life of the product. It is found in a variety of protective products and equipment across the team sports, motorsports, consumer electronic, workwear, military and safety industries. For more information, please visit poronxrd.com.