Virtual Active and Matrix Launch Virtual Reality Cardio Equipment

Virtual Active, a leading edge producer of interactive cardio media products, has announced the launch of the 7xe + VA virtual reality cardio equipment line, produced in partnership with Matrix Fitness.

San Francisco, February 24, 2010 – Virtual Active, a leading edge producer of interactive running, hiking, and cycling media products, has announced the launch of the 7xe + Virtual Active cardio equipment line, produced in partnership with Matrix Fitness. The new line of cardio equipment features a fully interactive virtual reality experience that uses real video in real locations. The product will be demonstrated in the Matrix booth at IHRSA 2010 in San Diego, beginning March 10th.

This cutting-edge line of cardio equipment has multiple dimensions of audiovisual interactivity. If the user speeds up or slows down, the video playback will automatically adjust to reflect their new speed. The resistance or incline on the machines will adjust in time with the video to accurately represent the terrain of the virtual workout. The virtual trail includes soundscapes from the original trail, immersing the user in a rich and genuine experience.

“What is truly revolutionary about this interactive experience is that it uses real video from real locations. It allows users to explore real places that they've never had the chance to visit. Our research has shown that when real video can be done at an extremely high quality level, users strongly prefer it over computer generated virtual reality environments,” said John Ford, Founder and President of Virtual Active. “In addition, the patented technologies that drive the real video interactivity are based on simple and proven video playback hardware, rather than complex graphics rendering engines that require powerful computers which can create high cost, unreliable products.”

“We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Virtual Active,” said Andrew Kolman, Product Manager at Matrix Fitness. “Our 7xe line of Matrix product will create a truly unique experience for our customers.  Together we will be able to offer the first truly interactive, fully immersive cardio experience that the fitness industry has seen – we are bringing the outdoors inside and taking people to places they have never been.  We are excited about working with the team at Virtual Active in the years to come.”


Virtual Active Inc, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is an interactive media and technology company dedicated to enhancing the cardio-workout experience. Using proprietary hardware and software technology, Virtual Active produces first-person virtual running, hiking, and cycling experiences of revolutionary quality. Virtual Active delivers these media products to cutting-edge fitness equipment with patented interactive technology developed in partnership with leading fitness manufacturers. For more information, visit or see our new products first hand at the IHRSA 2010 show in San Diego on March 10th. For questions, please contact Yasu Maskay, publicist, via email at


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