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Virtual Active Launches New eStore

Virtual Active launched its new eStore, making its innovative video training content available directly to consumers for the first time. Users can buy DVDs and downloads directly from,

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 19, 2010 – Virtual Active, the Bay Area fitness video and Technology Company, today launched its new eStore, making its innovative video training content available directly to consumers for the first time. Users can buy DVDs and downloads directly from, and bring the company's virtual reality trail footage into their home gym.

"We're excited to offer our experience to the home exerciser for the first time," said John Ford, founder and CEO of Virtual Active. "We've recognized a significant demand for entertaining workout media, and we're excited to satisfy that demand now that our eStore is open for business."

Previously, Virtual Active content was only available at high-end gyms through Matrix's 7xe line of cardio equipment. Now these unique virtual reality exercise experiences can transport users at home, to some of the world's most breathtaking trial running locations.

The Virtual Active library is very broad, drawing footage from over 200 locations and six countries. The DVDs and downloads feature content from Virtual Active's first release, highlighting America's most-spectacular locations. From the brilliant colors of a Northeastern Fall, down through the wild terrain of the Rockies and into the surreal geology of the Southwest, the workout series offers a cross-country tour of epic scale.

In addition to the stunning trail footage that has become Virtual Active's trademark, the products feature an optional trainer to guide the home exerciser. Virtual Active's on-camera virtual trainer helps motivate, train, and entertain the user, resulting in a more comprehensive workout solution.

Each workout features two versions: the pure trail footage, and a version guided by professional trainer Johnny Pearman, who appears on camera to encourage users and enrich the experience with facts about the featured natural location.

"It's like being there, but better, because you can experience training in a variety of national parks, see amazing scenery, and conveniently fit it into your workout schedule, as limited as that may be,” said Pearman. “It's the ideal way to stay motivated and get fit."

Home users also have two ways to watch the content: at home on their DVD player, or on-the-go with their iPod, iPad or portable media player. Ford expects a high demand for both.

"Everyone's workout environment is different, and we're trying to meet everyone's needs, whether they exercise at home, at work, at hotels, or in a club," said Ford. "One day you might hop on a Matrix 7xe at the gym and run a few trails on your lunch break, and the next day you might get your workout in the evening, watching Virtual Active on your DVD player. No matter how you exercise, we think we can enhance the experience."

And for those individuals who prefer running outdoors, Virtual Active offers a compelling alternative when outdoor training is not an option.

"I used to prefer running outdoors, even when I'd make my clients run on a treadmill so we could track their progress,” said Pearman. “With Virtual Active, I find myself working out indoors more often, yet I still feel like I'm outside."

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