Virtual Active and IndoorCycling Group Launch MyRide Version 3.0

Virtual Active, in partnership with IndoorCycling Group (ICG), has announced the release of the MyRide Version 3.0, a next-generation media console for indoor cycles, featuring content from Virtual Active.


Virtual Active and IndoorCycling Group Launch a New Video Concept in Fitness: MyRide Version 3.0 with Virtual Active

SAN FRANCISCO, Sep. 28, 2010 – Virtual Active, in partnership with IndoorCycling Group (ICG), has announced the release of the MyRide Version 3.0, a next-generation media console for indoor cycles, featuring content from Virtual Active – the world leader in virtual-reality exercise.

With a 17" touchscreen and high-definition display, the MyRide is a slick package for fitness media. But what's under the hood is more impressive: over 60 hours of entirely new media content, over one million different workouts, and enough variety to keep cyclists entertained through the longest session.

"It's a stunning display of technology," said John Ford, founder and CEO of Virtual Active. "The console is gorgeous, and the interface is almost as beautiful as our outdoor scenery.”

For indoor cyclists, the MyRide v3.0 brings a coached, cycling-class experience under user control and on demand. Users can customize their workouts and get indoor cycling on their own time. With Virtual Active's MyScape, gym-goers can escape to scenic footage from around the world -- biking through the Rockies, the Swiss Alps, or the Mojave desert without leaving the cardio floor. And the two concepts collide in Sportif, the brand-new fitness concept from Virtual Active and ICG. Sportif enhances the ride through Virtual Active's stunning scenery with a workout experience guided and shaped by ICG master trainers.

"Never before has such high-quality outdoor video been welded to our flawless technical coaching and motivation," says Bernd Pürschel, founder and CEO for ICG. "We have a completely new result that will change the indoor cycling experience for the future."

Like the studio classes, the Sportif concept allows users to assemble a custom workout -- choosing difficulty levels by combining warm-ups, intense workouts, and cool-downs, and picking the terrain they prefer. All coached content is available in English, German, and Spanish.

Virtual Active has experienced significant traction in the commercial fitness market. The company's inaugural product, an add-on console to Matrix's 7xe line of cardio equipment, just started shipping internationally with the initial results nothing short of compelling.

"The 7xe console, with Virtual Active by Matrix, has generated enormous enthusiasm with our customers and with our sales team,” said Andrew Kolman, senior product manager for Johnson Health Tech. “We're thrilled to start offering this product internationally, and to continue bringing innovative products to the fitness industry."

The MyRide v3.0 and Matrix 7xe are only a start for Virtual Active. The young company has more deals pending, and both Matrix and ICG are hard at work on new concepts incorporating Virtual Active. For Ford and his team at Virtual Active, the future couldn't be brighter.

"We're expanding in multiple directions – laterally by introducing new products, and vertically by continuing to add to our library of content, said Ford. “I want our users to start an endless ride with Virtual Active, and I want to take them everywhere."

Virtual Active is a San Francisco-based video and technology company that enables revolutionary virtual-reality exercise products. Virtual Active licenses its unique content and proprietary interactive video technologies to leading manufacturers of cardio entertainment systems, experience-driven health clubs, and directly to end users through a variety of digital entertainment platforms. With its partners, Virtual Active takes exercisers to hundreds of beautiful and iconic locations around the globe during their workouts -- for more information, take a trip to

The IndoorCycling Group (ICG) consists of three brands, Tomahawk, MyRide, and I.C.E. all with one unified vision ‘to create an empowered indoor cycling experience'. ICG is renowned for it's commitment to improving standards of Indoor Cycling products and furthering education resources worldwide. With over 20,000 I.C.E qualified instructors and being one of the globe's largest Indoor Cycle manufacturers, the ICG programme is rapidly becoming recognized as the premium and most comprehensive support structure for health clubs and trainers alike.

Matrix Fitness ( is the premium commercial brand of Johnson Health Tech and comprises a complete line of cardiovascular and strength-training equipment for health clubs and other fitness facilities.