Venture Snowboards and Ska Brewing Celebrate 10th Year of Partnership

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Venture Snowboards and Ska Brewing Celebrate 10th Year of Partnership

Silverton, CO (March 12, 2015) – Venture Snowboards and Ska Brewing are celebrating a historical 10th year of partnership, likely the longest formal partnership between a brewery and snowboard manufacturer. Every year, Venture and Ska have collaborated in a custom snowboard initiative, partnership and collaborative relationship for the past 10 years.

Ska Brewing's Euphoria Pale Ale was created as the original partnership ale and set the stage for a delicious venture for hand crafted products. For the 10th anniversary, Ska created a special edition Dementia, which is a barrel aged Euphoria brew.

“We figured out that we are doing the same thing, but different,” said Ska Co-Founder Dave Thibodeau. “Really, it’s about passion for making good things. We all want to put together things we really enjoy and thought that we could do some sort of cool collaboration.”

“For the past ten years, our partnership has been based on beer and snowboarding,” says Klem Branner of Venture Snowboards. “Our crafts are unique, but we are both dedicated to them. Making snowboards is more about physics and beer is likely more chemistry, but we love beer and we love snowboarding, so it really the best of sciences combined.”

See how it all went down here on YouTube.

About Venture Snowboards

The only thing our team loves more than building snowboards is riding snowboards. Venture was founded in 1999, beginning our lifelong pursuit of crafting unrivaled snowboards for maximum mountain enjoyment and performance. Every Venture is handcrafted by snowboarders in our Silverton, Colorado factory and tested in some of the most demanding terrain in the lower 48. The mountains dictate the design; countless hours of rider R&D go into every product. Fortunately for us, “R&D” in this case equals snowboarding.

We’re not a mega manufacturer that builds mass-market boards. Our “secret sauce” is attention to detail. We ride these boards day in and day out, so nothing gets by us. At Venture, every board counts and nothing leaves our factory without final approval from the founders themselves. The new Venture Snowboards website is now live and showcases Venture’s revolutionary Shape Shack, 2014 / 2015 award-winning product line and videos highlighting the Venture culture. 

About Ska Brewing

Somewhere out in Colorado, in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-five, two guys named Dave and Bill learned that while they loved gulping down good beer, they weren’t yet old enough to buy it. They figured an answer to their quandary would appear if they drank enough and listened to enough thinking music, also known as Ska. On the second Skaterday of Skatember it hit them. If they brewed their own beer they’d have all the beer they could ever want. And while they were at it, why not brew the most magnificent suds ever quaffed in their neck of the woods…or any other neck for that matter. For more information about Ska Brewing, head over to the website: