The Helix Lateral Trainer benefits Ice Hockey Players

The Helix works the body from side-to-side mimicking the motion that ice hockey players use in the rink thus allows training without the risk of “on the ice” injuries due to bad ice or poor grooming.

A breakthrough for the sport: how the Helixâ„¢ benefits
Ice Hockey players

Overall benefits: The Helix is the only aerobic trainer that works the body from side-to-side, thus mimicking the motion that ice hockey players use in the rink.
The Helix allows training without the risk of “on the field” injuries due to bad ice or poor grooming.
Further, the Helix offers training advantages previously unavailable to the elite hockey athlete. Constant focus on edge loading for skating is virtually impossible while skating, but it is possible in the gym, with the Helix.
Trainers assert that this sort of targeted training in the gym leads to stronger, better adapted players and indisputable gains on the ice.

Quicker rehabilitation: The Helix is unparalleled in aiding hockey players to regain proprioception after injury.
To simplify, proprioception is an automated communication mechanism in the body whereby messages are sent to the central nervous system via a network of “communication wires” in the muscles, joints and connective tissues.
Through years of specialized training, elite athletes have dramatically increased numbers of receptors regulating their movements, enabling peak performance.
Injury and surgery cut these crucial “communication wires” and rehabilitative metal pins and implants can block their transmission.
Rehabilitation must therefore involve, among other things, the re-training of these “wires” to communicate effectively again.
The lateral motion of the Helix helps to re-teach the body in a safe environment. The hockey player can begin to reconnect these “wires” long before he is fit enough to skate. No other machine enables him to do this. The Helix is truly a breakthrough for the sport.*

The Helixâ„¢ and the ice hockey player:

• Builds a skater's crucial inner thigh strength; no other machine on market directly trains these muscles

• Engages every muscle group used on treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and steppers, while adding the adductor & abductors (inner & outer thigh)

• Enables constant focus on edge loading off the ice

• Allows skate motion training off the ice

• All the hamstring and quad balancing found on steppers without the knee and lower back risk

• Helix foot positioning protects knees by keeping them over ankles, not toes

• Builds cardio while executing motions similar to skating