Trainer Mike Boyle recommends the Helix Lateral Trainer

Strength and Conditioning Pioneer Mike Boyle, adds the Helix to his arsenal of tools to enhance his internationally known training methods.

Recently, a Helix Lateral Trainer was installed at Mike Boyle's famous training facility in Massachusetts. Mike Boyle is known internationally for his pioneering work in the field of Strength & Conditioning and is regarded as one of the top experts in the area for Sports Performance Training.
Of his experience with the Helix to date, Mike states ""I've had the opportunity to use the Helix and think is has great application. It is difficult to move cardiovascular training out of the sagittal plane and the Helix does just that. I have had my clients slideboard for years to take advantage of frontal plane movement but, until Helix, there has never been a machine that could provide that. I certainly recommend the Helix."
While the Helix is at the top of the clubs favorite products list, the Helix is also finding its way into training facilities, rehab and conditioning venues across the US as a result of it unique motion and benefits.
For more information on the Helix Lateral Trainer, please contact (888-435-4926) or go to the website at


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