Commercial Helix unveiled: The Helix 3000 Lateral Trainer

Helix unveils new, 'Full Commercial' lateral trainer at IHRSA.

San Diego, CA (March 10, 2010) Responding to overwhelming industry demand, Helix Co of Boston will unveil a new, ‘continuous heavy duty usage' Helix® lateral trainer at the IHRSA convention this week in San Diego.
Demand for a commercial model of the Helix has increased steadily since the product's introduction at IHRSA 2009, as gym owners seek a competitive edge. In today's tough economy, the industry is increasingly aware of the need to attract and retain clients via new cutting-edge fitness technologies.
While treadmills, steppers, bikes, and ellipticals all work the body in a front-to-back plane, the Helix®, with its unique counter-rotating “figure eight” range of motion, allows users to target their toughest areas while they burn fat and condition aerobically.
The new Helix's commercial-grade technology has been engineered to withstand the rigors of the gym fitness floor, yet the cost remains surprisingly affordable.
“Considering today's economic climate, pricing has been very carefully considered,” says Lenny Snyderman, President of Helix Co. “We think that this Helix will not only strike a chord with clubs itching for something new, but will also create strong demand with its very competitive pricing.”
Unlike nearly every aerobic exerciser on the market, the current Helix and the new Helix 3000 simultaneously work the inner & outer thighs and the butt, delivering the kind of dramatic leg & glute sculpting results normally achieved only via weight training.
More Information: 888-435-4926 (888-HELIXCO)


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