Rottefella to distribute NTN system through SCARPA, Alpina, Garmont

Rottefella AS will distribute its innovative NTN binding in North America through the three ski boot manufacturers/distributors who offer boots compatible with the NTN system.

OSLO, Norway – Making it easier for retailers to purchase the NTN telemark binding/boot system, Rottefella AS, the leading manufacturer of bindings for Nordic skiing, will distribute its innovative NTN binding in North America through the three ski boot manufacturers/distributors who offer boots compatible with the NTN system.

SCARPA North America, Alpina Sports, which distributes Crispi boots, and Garmont North America will distribute the NTN binding beginning in 2009. In addition, Alpina Sports will be the distributor moving forward for the Naxo alpine-touring binding and Rottefella's 75 mm telemark bindings.

“It makes sense that the NTN system is sold as the complete package that it is,” said Torbjørn Ragg, Marketing and Sales Manager for Rottefella. “We believe North American distribution will be stronger done through the three boot companies, because each already has well-established sales teams in the U.S. and Canada, and because this simplifies things for NTN retailers. They will be able to buy both NTN bindings and NTN boots in one place.”

The company's current North American distributor for both NTN and Naxo, Backcountry Access Inc. (BCA), is delivering preseason 2008-09 NTN and Naxo binding orders. Alpina Sports and BCA both have inventory available to support in-season reorders on NTN and Naxo bindings during the 2008-09 season, and Alpina will support any warranty claims this season. In addition, Alpina – which already distributes other Rottefella products – will continue to support those products during the 2008-09 season, as well as moving forward.

Pre-season orders for Fall 2009-10 can be made through Garmont North America, SCARPA North America, or Alpina Sports. Dealers who purchase NTN bindings from a particular distributor will work with that distributor on any warranty/repair issues.

Introduced in Fall 2007, NTN (New Telemark Norm) is a new binding and boot interface that radically improves the power transfer from boot to ski for telemark skiing. Instead of attaching the boot to the ski via a ‘duckbill'-style 75 mm toe, as do all other telemark bindings, the NTN binding clasps the boot underfoot with opposing force. The interface connects to the boot via two separate points, at the front of the boot (much like a traditional alpine skiing binding) as well as under the boot just beneath the arch. Because it connects at two points, and in a more secure way, NTN delivers unparalleled performance and power transfer to the ski edges for telemark skiing.

The design also allows several other benefits for skiers, including side-to-side releaseability, a free-pivot touring mode, and springs of different tensions to accommodate skiers of differing sizes and ability levels, as well as boots of different stiffnesses.

New for Fall 2008-09, Rottefella has introduced a second size of the NTN binding to accommodate skiers with smaller boot sizes.

For more information, please contact:
• Base Camp Communications: Dave Simpson, (307) 734-7575,
• Marketing/Sales Manager for Rottefella: Torbjørn Ragg, +47 90 66 00 74,
• Garmont North America: Donna Ebbett, (802) 658-8322,
• SCARPA North America: Chris Clark, (303) 998-2895,
• Alpina Sports/Crispi: Frank Thibodeau, (603) 448-3101,

About Rottefella

Rottefella is a global leader in developing and manufacturing bindings for cross country, backcountry, telemark and alpine-touring skiing (NAXO). Through its 80-year history, Rottefella has built its unique position by providing groundbreaking solutions and high-quality, attractive design. A focus on innovation has resulted in the launch of 13 new ski bindings in the last five years. Rottefella products are protected by more than 90 patents.

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