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Rottefella focuses NTN telemark binding distribution through SCARPA No

SCARPA sees North American sales of NTN boot surpass 75mm.

KLOKKARSTUA, Norway As sales of the NTN telemark binding system continue to grow in North America, Rottefella, the leading manufacturer of bindings for nordic skiing, will focus distribution of NTN binding systems in the U.S. and Canada through SCARPA North America. SCARPA is one of Rottefella’s three key partners in building boots for the NTN system, and its wholly owned North American subsidiary, located in Boulder, Colo., has distributed the original NTN Freeride binding since 2010.

With the introduction this fall of the award-winning NTN Freedom binding, which is lighter and more touring focused than the original NTN Freeride, sales of the NTN system have continued to increase. This year, for the first year ever, one of the SCARPA’s NTN-compatible boots, the Terminator X Pro, sold more units in North America than any single 75mm-compatible telemark boot, said Kim Miller, CEO of SCARPA North America.

“We’re honored that Rottefella wants to streamline its distribution by working exclusively with SCARPA North America, and we’re committed to continuing to help grow the telemark category by helping more retailers and consumers discover what an innovative system NTN is,” Miller said. “NTN has been growing for us in recent years, and it speaks volumes to us that Terminator X Pro sales this year surpassed sales of the two most emblematic boots in the history of telemark, the T1 and the T2. While we’re committed to all categories of telemark moving forward, we definitely see the innovation that NTN brings to the sport as a bright spot, and a clear tipping point for telemark as a sport.”

In the last several years, three different companies have distributed the NTN binding system, SCARPA North America, Garmont and Alpina Sports, along with the SCARPA, Garmont and Crispi boots that work in the system. Moving forward, Rottefella saw partnering with one distributor as the most effective way to create the best sales, customer service and marketing support for NTN products, and – ultimately – to create the most solid foundation for growth in North America, said Torstein Myklebostad, global sales director for Rottefella.

The NTN Freedom won a Backcountry Magazine 2013 Editor’s Choice Award in late August, and has received accolades in other media, including Skiing and Backpacker.

This fall, consumers again will have the opportunity to try both the new NTN Freedom binding and the most up-to-date version of the original NTN Freeride binding during a demo tour at ski areas in North America.

First introduced in Fall 2007, Rottefella’s NTN is a new binding/boot interface that radically improves power transfer from boot to ski for telemark skiing. Instead of attaching the boot to the ski via a ‘duckbill’-style 75mm toe, as do all other telemark bindings, the NTN binding clasps the boot underfoot with opposing force. The interface connects to the boot via two separate points, at the front of the boot as well as under the boot near the arch. Because the second connection point is beneath the arch instead of at the heel (as with traditional 75mm bindings), and because it employs geometry more like an alpine binding, NTN delivers unparalleled performance and power transfer to the ski edges for telemark skiing. The design also allows several other benefits for skiers, including step-in convenience, a free-pivot touring mode, lateral releaseability, and springs of different tensions to accommodate skiers of differing sizes and ability levels, as well as different models and brands of boots.

With the addition of NTN Freedom, the original NTN Freeride binding offers resort and sidecountry-focused skiers a more powerful version of the binding at 2 pounds, 5 ounces per binding. NTN Freedom offers a much lighter package at 1 pound, 10 ounces per binding, plus a much wider walking angle of 60 degrees for touring, while retaining the more powerful transmission of power from boot to ski edge.

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Garmont Joins the NTN System

Garmont has signed an exclusive NTN boot license with Rottefella, and will join Crispi and Scarpa as the third boot manufacturer for the NTN system (New Telemark Norm). Garmont plans to present their first boot at the international ski shows in January-09. “This is a crucial more