Garmont Joins the NTN System

Garmont has signed an exclusive NTN boot license with Rottefella, and will join Crispi and Scarpa as the third boot manufacturer for the NTN system (New Telemark Norm).

Garmont has signed an exclusive NTN boot license with Rottefella, and will join Crispi and Scarpa as the third boot manufacturer for the NTN system (New Telemark Norm).

Garmont plans to present their first boot at the international ski shows in January-09. “This is a crucial step in establishing NTN as the future Telemark norm. The close collaboration between Rottefella (binding) and boot producers Crispi and Scarpa has helped to create a binding/boot interface that has proven itself to give the skier a superior performance - and thus superior skiing experience - when compared to existing Telemark equipment. With Garmont joining Rottefella, it gives us added inspiration and confidence to continue developing NTN as a dependable, universal choice for all alpine and telemark skiers out there,” says Ulf Bjerknes, President of Rottefella AS.

For many years Rottefella and Garmont have had a close relationship in the boot-binding market. Because Garmont has established itself as a leader in the Alpine touring and Telemark boot industry, we believe the new Garmont NTN boot will arrive with the same first-rate workmanship, elegance, and attention to detail for which the company is known. We are proud that Garmont has chosen to collaborate with Rottefella, and use NTN.

“Garmont is pleased to be invited to rejoin the NTN program. During the past year, we have kept a close eye on its progress. We are impressed with what Rottefella has achieved with NTN. The NTN boot-binding system perfectly meets and exceeds the performance requirements of the most demanding free heel and Free ride skier. Thus, the new NTN system will allow Garmont to continue on our mission of building the best ski boots on the planet,” states Achille Morlin, President of Garmont.

Rottefella is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of bindings for cross country, back country, Telemark and Alpine Touring skiing. Through its nearly 80-year-long history, Rottefella has gained its reputation by providing products of high quality and innovative design. Our focus on innovation has resulted in the launch of more than 13 different and unique bindings in the last 4 years. All our products are well protected by more than 90 patents. Rottefella AS is owned by Katalysator AS.

President in Rottefella - Ulf Bjerknes: +47 32 79 25 69 /+47 91 32 04 90
Marketing Manager in Rottefella - Torbjørn Ragg: +47 32 79 25 68 / +47 90 66 00 74
President in Garmont - Achille Morlin: + 39 042 38726


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