REVO Partners with ARTICULATE A:3ºS/52ºW Expedition

REVO, today announced its partnership with MYOO™ and David de Rothschild’s upcoming expedition to Brazil to raise awareness for the potential environmental degradation that will result from the Belo Monte dam development plan.

Date – Foothill Ranch, Cali – Performance eyewear brand, REVO, today announced its partnership with MYOO™ and David de Rothschild's upcoming expedition to Brazil to raise awareness for the potential environmental degradation that will result from the Belo Monte dam development plan. REVO will serve as the official eyewear sponsor of the expedition.

De Rothschild's ARTiculate A:3ºS/52ºW Expedition, including the help of Amazon advocacy group, Amazon Watch, will document the negative impacts of the dam project which are forecasted to include the destruction of indigenous habitats, loss of unique biodiversity, methane emissions and an acknowledged inefficiency of the dam itself.

The dam will be the third largest in the world, and the Brazilian government has progressed in their plans to build it regardless of national and international protest. To feed the damn, up to 80% of the Xingu River will be diverted from its original course, unearthing more land than was removed for the Panama Canal, and causing permanent drought on the river, directly affecting indigenous tribes.

David and his team will be engaging with the local communities that reside in the Amazon rainforest near the dam. ARTiculate's mission is to focus on creating visually striking presentations to show the impact that the Belo Monte dam will have on these communities with the obvious end goal of raising awareness for this destructive project; in essence, giving nature a voice.

As the founder of MYOO, a community that focuses on driving social and environmental change, De Rothschild is no stranger to environmental advocacy at this level. He is widely recognized for leading the 2010 Plastiki Expedition, a three-month voyage on a catamaran made in large part from reclaimed plastic bottles, to raise awareness for the environmental hazards of single-use plastic. REVO served as the official eyewear sponsor for the Plastiki Expedition and will also be serving the same role for the upcoming expedition to Brazil.

"I am truly excited and humbled to continue my partnership with REVO beyond the Plastiki into the ARTiculate™ series,” De Rothschild stated. “REVO and MYOO share the same values of innovation, exploration and storytelling in order to inspire us all to look deeper at how we can create a more sensitive relationship with nature."

Outfitting the ARTiculate team and supporting their mission is the most recent in a long line of environmentally focused efforts for REVO. The brand's ambassador team includes global water advocate, Alexandra Cousteau, polar explorer and global warming expert, Sebastian Copeland, and adventure photographer, Jimmy Chin. In addition, seventy-percent of the REVO product line is manufactured using sustainable materials. For more information on REVO's Eco-Collection and ambassador team, go to

For further information on the ARTiculate Expedition, please visit Amazon Watch's website,, or

About REVO

In 1985, Revo began as a small sunglass brand with a big idea: technology used by NASA was just as suited for sunglasses as it was for satellites. Today, Revo continues to build on a rich tradition of technology and innovation by creating the clearest and most advanced high contrast polarized sunglasses available. Conscious of the world's social and ecological challenges, Revo strives to act responsibly. Revo's Eco Collection features eyewear made from Revo Re-Useâ„¢, a frame material made from 100 percent recycled pre-consumer polymer resins, and Revo Eco-Useâ„¢, a sustainable take on traditional plastic made from the seed of the castor bean plant in place of widely used petroleum-based nylons. Designed for the active sport and lifestyle consumer, the 100 percent polarized eyewear collection is available at authorized Revo retail locations nationwide. Revo is held by the Luxottica Group (NYSE: LUX ; MTA: LUX), a Milan, Italy-based global leader in premium fashion, luxury and sports eyewear. Additional information is available at

About MYOOâ„¢

The team behind the Plastiki expedition of 2010 is a group of passionate adventurers and curious storytellers. MYOOTM has revealed the second adventure in the expedition series; ARTiculateTM, harnessing the power of art and adventure to tell important ecological stories in a compelling and original way. The aim is simple; to bring just enough magic and wonder into people's lives to tip the balance of consciousness back into mankind's favor by giving nature a voice. MYOOTM believes in the power of collaboration, storytelling & adventure to drive social and environmental change. Our mission is simple - to give nature a voice!

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