REVO Ambassador Sebastian Copeland Gears Up for Antarctic Crossing

REVO brand ambassador, polar explorer and global warming expert, Sebastian Copeland, will embark next week on an un-assisted 4200 kilometer transcontinental crossing of Antarctica on skis and kites.

Date – Foothill Ranch, Cali. – REVO brand ambassador, polar explorer and global warming expert, Sebastian Copeland, will embark next week on an un-assisted 4200 kilometer transcontinental crossing of Antarctica on skis and kites. Fellow polar explorer, Eric McNair-Landry will accompany Copeland on this 3-month expedition in which they will be creating a new east-west route across the continent as well as commemorating the 1911 discovery of the South Pole by Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen.

For Copeland and Landry, commemorating this incredible discovery will be front of mind, but the duo is also driven by a crucial scientific aim- to photograph ice accumulation in target areas for the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) to aid in the continuing research of global warming's effect on the polar regions.

The estimated ninety day timeframe for the crossing on the largest ice mass on the planet, with an average elevation of 7500 ft, and average temperature of -128F, requires equipment that is fine-tuned for extreme weather conditions. Traveling unassisted on skis and kites also limits the team to only the most essential gear. Sebastian will be using the newly released REVO Guide sunglass for this expedition. This style provides unparalleled performance with a frame and stem designed to wrap around the face and block ambient light reflected off ice and snow, while providing maximum visibility and optical clarity.

“Eye protection is critical during my expeditions,” Copeland stated. “Spending entire days outdoors can create eye fatigue – relying on exacting standards and minimum distortion from your eyewear makes a big difference over many weeks of exposure. That proposition is even more pronounced when traveling in ice or snow environments where sun reflection can generate intense eye fatigue, sometimes even leading to snow blindness. Polarized lenses have the added bonus of helping define the ice terrain in bright sunshine. When traveling on skis and kites with speeds sometimes exceeding 40 miles per hour, that added definition is an important quality.”

Sebastian will use iridium satellite communication technology to blog daily throughout the expedition. To follow his postings, please visit

The adventure in its entirety will be documented in HD for a planned documentary.

To review more information on the Guide sunglass style that Sebastian will be using for this expedition, please see the following link:

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As an award-winning photographer, author, lecturer and environmental activist, Sebastian Copeland has made the fight for the protection of the environment his life's work. His photographic study of Antarctica, assembled in the book Antarctica: The Global Warning, won him the IPA's 2007 Photographer of the Year award. In 2009, Copeland, a board member and tireless advocate for Global Green USA, traveled the Arctic with expedition partner Keith Heger on a journey to reach the North Pole in hopes of raising awareness on climate change and its effects on the Arctic region. The outcome of this voyage is the riveting documentary Into the Cold: A Journey of the Soul (2010). On Greenland, which he crossed in 2010 with partner Eric McNair-Landry, Sebastian set a world record for the longest distance traveled in a twenty-four hour period on skis and kites, with 595 kilometers. As an international speaker on climate crisis for over a decade, Copeland has addressed audiences at the United Nations, the World Affairs Council, the General Assembly on Climate in New Orleans, the George Eastman House, Google Headquarters and to Apple's Senior Design Team amongst others. He has appeared on Larry King Live, NBC, NPR, Air America, and Al Gore's Current TV, as a champion of environmental causes.

Sebastian's blog posts and updates during his voyage can be found at:

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