REVO Sunglasses Supports the Estes Park, CO First Descents Climbing Ca

Performance eyewear manufacturer, REVO, announced a new partnership with First Descents (FD), a non-profit organization providing outdoor adventure therapy for young adults with cancer. REVO contributions made it possible for a number of campers to a

September 11th, 2012 - Foothill Ranch, CA - In March, Performance eyewear manufacturer, REVO, announced a new partnership with First Descents (FD), a non-profit organization providing outdoor adventure therapy for young adults with cancer. REVO contributions made it possible for a number of campers to attend First Descents camps this summer, as well as providing eyewear for campers at last week's climbing camp in Estes Park, CO.

REVO's involvement in the First Descents camps speaks to the aligned mindset the two groups share – both advocate engaging in outdoor adventure activities to enrich one's lifestyle. REVO was pleased to outfit the campers especially at the Estes Park climbing camp with great gear for their outdoor experience – the same premium polarized eyewear many of the world's top climbing athletes use.

“Being outdoors and chasing adventure is something that flows through our brand DNA at REVO,” said Julie Schaffner, REVO Brand Director. “Seeing that passionate engagement with nature, adventure and sport be used therapeutically to better these camp participants lives, paired with knowing our eyewear is able to enhance the campers' experience makes for a relevant and rewarding partnership.”

In addition to providing eyewear and financial support for the camps, REVO elected to embed their marketing specialist, Nicki Elsea, within the Estes Park camp. Nicki worked alongside the team to assist with the campers, allowing her to connect with the participants, sharing with them a personal side to the brand and why it is involved. This allowed REVO to experience firsthand and be part of the meaningful contribution First Descents is making within the community of young cancer survivors.

“It was such an honor to participate in the Estes Park First Descents camp this past week,” said Nicki. “Representing REVO and having the privilege to interact with these inspiring young adults, who maintain such a positive attitude while going through such trying times, was an experience unlike any I have ever had. We formed a family this week, and established friendships that will last a lifetime.”

“At First Descents we thrive on and gravitate towards a lifestyle of adventure that we chase as a way to live. We choose to partner with those who both support and join us in this way of living,” said Jordan ‘Konvict' Stoner, First Descents Program Director. “This last week in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, we were thrilled to have Nicki from REVO be a part of our trip. Not only did Nicki fulfill a vital role as a part of our First Descents staff team, but she brought awesome REVO eyewear for everyone. Already popular with our Colorado Mountain School guides, the REVO sunglasses brought a new level of mountain style that our campers will be taking home as a symbol of their week of RAD!”

During the 6-day camp session, 12 young adult cancer fighters and survivors were empowered to climb the rock walls of Estes Park, Colorado. They learned the basics of climbing, rappelling and belaying, and finished the week with a multi-pitch graduation climb of 200 feet.

First Descents programs are available to young adults with cancer regardless of their financial means. All meals, medical care, accommodations and program activities are provided free of charge, including travel scholarships, when needed. REVO is proud to have contributed to this season's series of camps and align with an organization that has had a tremendous effect on the cancer community.

About First Descents
First Descents is a non-profit organization offering young adults with cancer a free outdoor adventure experience designed to empower them to climb, paddle and surf beyond their diagnosis, defy their cancer, reclaim their lives and connect with others doing the same.

About REVO
In 1985, REVO began as a small sunglass brand with a big idea: technology used by NASA was just as suited for sunglasses as it was for satellites. Today, REVO continues to build on a rich tradition of technology and innovation by creating the clearest and most advanced high contrast polarized sunglasses available. Conscious of the world's social and ecological challenges, REVO strives to act responsibly. REVO's Eco Collection features eyewear made from REVO Re-Useâ„¢, 100% recycled pre-consumer polymer resins, and REVO Eco-Useâ„¢, a frame material made in part from the seed of the castor bean plant as an alternative to entirely petroleum-based nylons. Designed for the active sport and lifestyle consumer, the 100 percent polarized eyewear collection is available at authorized REVO retail locations nationwide. REVO is held by the Luxottica Group (NYSE: LUX ; MTA: LUX), a Milan, Italy-based global leader in premium fashion, luxury and sports eyewear. Additional information is available at


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