Ramsey Outdoor Joins Grassroots Outdoor Alliance As A Retail Member

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Asheville, NC – February 23, 2015 – Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is excited to announce that Ramsey Outdoor of New Jersey has joined our organization as a Retail Member.

Ramsey Outdoor is a two-store specialty outdoor retailer that has catered to the needs of outdoor connoisseurs for the past fifty-five years. Located in Northern New Jersey, Ramsey specializes in fishing, camping, water sports, climbing, backpacking, hiking, hunting and the clothing and footwear needed to maximize adventures in the great outdoors.
Ramsey Outdoor’s retail stores are staffed with experts in their fields and each department boasts decades of experience and knowledge when it comes to using and understanding products for the outdoors.

Their success over the years has been built by offering a wide array of innovative products, offering great service by extremely dedicated personnel, and supporting both the community and their customer base with informative seminars and presentations about their products and the environment. 

Stuart Levine, president of Ramsey Outdoor said, “We are excited to have been welcomed into this elite group of independent retailers. With the retail landscape rapidly changing, we feel joining Grassroots not only gives us a more competitive edge in the marketplace, but allows us to meet and share ideas with some of the best outdoor retailers in the country. We look forward to sharing our own experiences with the group.” 

Of the addition of Ramsey Outdoor to Grassroots Outdoor Alliance’s Retail Members, Wes Allen, President of Grassroots, said, “We’re thrilled to welcome Ramsey Outdoor to the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance. Ramsey is a classic retailer in an ultra-competitive market. Stuart and his team will bring a tremendous amount to our group. They, and their business, occupy an important niche in the US outdoor market. Our retailers and brands will definitely benefit from this new dimension in the relationship with Ramsey Outdoor.”

About Grassroots Outdoor Alliance:
Grassroots Outdoor Alliance unites independent outdoor retailers as a unified voice leading to excellence in retail through community, culture and sustainability. Our retail members are one hundred stores working together to create a national network or promotion, access and information. We uphold the highest standards of financial stability and reliability in vendor relations. We are intimately involved in the development of local economies, communities, customer bases, events, education and initiatives related to the enhancement and enjoyment of outdoor experiences. To learn more visit www.grassrootsoutdoors.com.