No Longer Under the Radar: Saison Beer Sleeve is Best in Show


February 21, 2014 – Vancouver, BC: Innate rises above the radar and the sea of single walled beer cups with their new Saison Beer Sleeve, which debuted at the January 2014 OR Winter Market. This new double wall vacuum beer sleeve is receiving rave reviews, with Outside Online featuring it in their “Best Gear Under $30”

This product speaks to an emerging trend in the outdoor industry, the “out-the-door” or urban outdoor market. An article in OR daily by Berne Brody featured quotes from Innate staff and showcased companies on the forefront of this business opportunity.

According to Innate VP of Sales Robyn Gibson, “Younger people are traveling more, discovering the joys of doing a local distillery tour rather than flying to Scotland to taste whiskeys. In line with the local food and craft beer trend, it’s an opportunity for the user to establish the value connection of gear suited to local adventure to a demographic without the budget to go overseas."

“Thoughtful, essential gear helps free the traveler to the experience," states Innate’s Managing Director Greg Foweraker. “Adventurers want gear that works on holiday, but also at home, in their local mountains or on a business trip."

Innate has also stated that the Saison is only the beginning. Just in time for the next festival season, they will have a complete line of vacuum insulated craft growlers and related essentials.

Saison Beer Sleeve:

saison2_low res

Designed in homage to the Belgian farmhouse-brewed beer that was quaffed during the summer months by field workers, the Saison Beer Sleeve is perfect for those of us who believe that there’s nothing like an ice-cold beer on a hot summer day. This stainless steel beer sleeve, with its unique double-wall vacuum construction, can keep a beer cold on even the hottest of summer months.

About Innate:

Innate creates cleanly designed essentials for active travel in keeping with their design philosophy of Leaner, Cleaner, Greener. Building on their successful collection of stainless steel food and drink containers, coupled with a love of Craft Beer, they’re pleased to debut a new line of vacuum beer sleeves and growlers.

Innate has a simple goal: for you to experience lasting satisfaction from their products and recommend them to your family and friends.

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