New Men’s Style Survey Finds Khakis are No. 1 for Function and Versatility

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If Guys Had to Choose Just One Article of Clothing, What Would it Be?

New Men’s Style Survey Finds Khakis are No. 1 for function and versatility

Most men, it turns out, are khakis to the core. Like any great piece of gear, khakis take men from activity to activity, all year long. Why are khakis the most important item in a man’s closet? “Nothing is as versatile as a great pair of khakis,” said Noah Robertson, co-founder and design director for Mountain Khakis®, a leading lifestyle apparel brand based in Jackson Hole, Wyo. “Nothing else goes from a board meeting to a meeting with your fly rod.”

Khakis are the Foundation of a Stylish Look

In a recent survey of more than 1,000 men, Mountain Khakis found that khakis are a guy’s true go-to piece of clothing. Given the choice of any style pant to wear every day, 58 percent of all survey respondents said they would choose khakis. Khakis are especially handy when you aren’t sure what to wear. Nearly 80 percent of men said that if the dress code was unclear, khakis are a sure bet. Having khakis for all occasions isn’t an issue, as more than 90 percent of guys surveyed own khakis in different fabrics and weights.

The survey also found that khakis can notch up a guy’s style. Almost a third of all respondents said choosing khakis is an easy way to dial up his look. Respondents also highlighted a good-fitting pair of pants as key. Mountain Khakis bestselling Original Mountain Pantnow comes in a slimmer, lower-rise Broadway Fit. The proprietary 10.4 oz cotton canvas is unmatched in durability and soft texture. The more they are worn, the better they perform. “For us, making a great pair of khakis is all about comfort, quality and a great fit,” said Robertson. “When your brand is built on ‘Best Damn Khakis,’ it’s important to get it right.”

No matter what their style, men, it seems, are indeed happily khakis to the core.

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