LEKI SpeedLock Trekking Poles Sell Out

For the first time in the history of LEKI’s presence in North America, the company is facing a backorder of their 2010 trekking poles featuring the new SpeedLock external pole locking system.

BUFFALO, NY – For the first time in the history of LEKI's presence in North America, the company is facing a backorder of their 2010 trekking poles featuring the new SpeedLock external pole locking system. Demand for the new poles has been overwhelming, and LEKI USA's executives are now on the fast track to get more poles from the LEKI distribution center in the Czech Republic to fulfill current and future orders.

“We knew SpeedLock would be popular, but obviously we had no idea the response would be this great,” said Greg Wozer, VP of LEKI USA. “The situation is bitter sweet, because although the retailers are very excited to get on board with SpeedLock, we are now in a slight holding pattern with fulfilling reorders. The poles are coming in from the Czech Republic, but not all at once, so there's a bit of juggling going on right now.”

Wozer and his team are making the necessary adjustments to fulfill all pre-season orders first and foremost, and to prioritize distribution of remaining inventory as needed. “Most retailers who placed orders last summer have received their first shipment of SpeedLock poles,” Wozer added. “We expect to have our warehouse fully loaded with SpeedLock models by June 1.”

Developed by LEKI's top German design and engineering team, the new SpeedLock system is certified by TÃœV (SÃœD) as the strongest external pole locking system in the world because it utilizes direct compression force to lock the pole shafts into place. The locking force is concentrated directly on the lower shafts, as opposed to it coming from a secondary compression source, making it far more efficient than other external flip locks.

The red locking lever is the identifying mark of the super fast and simple adjustment technology on SpeedLock that anyone can work in an instant. It's effortless to open and shut with just one touch of the hand, even while wearing thick gloves in rain, ice and snow. Additionally, the SpeedLock is made of a fiberglass reinforced polyamid which makes the mechanism resistant to stretching, and potential failure, like other external flip locks.

LEKI is known for their Super Lock System, an internal twist locking system that is the absolute strongest pole locking system, internal or external, on the market. With the introduction of the new SpeedLock system, LEKI now has both the strongest internal and external pole locking systems available.

LEKI introduced five trekking pole models with SpeedLock this spring: the Khumbu AERGON (MSRP: $99) from the Mountain Trek Series, the Cressida AERGON (MSRP: $119) from the Wildflower Series for women, the Corklite AERGON (MSRP: $119), Thermolite AERGON XL (MSRP: $139) and Carbonlite AERGON (MSRP: $179) from the Ultralite Series.

LEKI USA, Inc., headquartered at 458 Sonwil Drive Buffalo, NY, is the sole North American distributor of LEKI brand Ski poles, Trekking poles, and Nordic Walking poles. For more information please visit www.LEKI.com or call 800.255.9982.