LEKI Sponsors Backpacker's 2010 Get Out More Tour

LEKI USA proudly announces its support of the Backpacker 2010 Get Out More Tour as the exclusive hiking and trekking pole sponsor.

BUFFALO, NY – April 5, 2010 – LEKI USA proudly announces its sponsorship of the Backpacker 2010 Get Out More Tour, an interactive mobile media and education tour designed to inspire readers and encourage participation in active outdoor pursuits. As a Participating Level Sponsor, LEKI receives exclusivity in the hiking and trekking poles product category and is seamlessly integrated into all presentations on the tour, offering product demos and providing test samples of models that feature their new SpeedLock external pole locking system.

“It's great to support the Get Out More Tour which offers a unique and fun opportunity for people to learn about innovative outdoor products and get guidance from experts on choosing the right equipment,” said Greg Wozer, Vice President of LEKI USA. “SpeedLock is making its debut on five of our trekking pole models this spring, and this is a great way to provide outdoor enthusiasts with the opportunity to test these poles out first hand.”

SpeedLock is considered to be the strongest external pole locking system in the world. Developed by LEKI's top German design and engineering team, SpeedLock is the only external locking system on the market that utilizes direct compression force to lock the pole shafts into place, thus providing the ultimate in locking strength capabilities. LEKI is introducing five trekking pole models with SpeedLock in 2010: the Khumbu AERGON (MSRP: $99) from the Mountain Trek Series, the Cressida AERGON (MSRP: $119) from the Wildflower Series for women, the Corklite AERGON (MSRP: $119), Thermolite AERGON XL (MSRP: $139) and Carbonlite AERGON (MSRP: $179) from the Ultralite Series. For more information, visit www.LEKI.com.

“We're thrilled to have LEKI as part of Backpacker's 2010 Get Out More Tour,” said Publisher Kent Ebersole. “Trekking poles are an essential piece of gear for every outdoor enthusiast. LEKI's involvement in our program allows us to have a well-rounded presentation, complete with hands-on training that features the skills and gear necessary to maximize time in the outdoors.”

Starting this week, Backpacker's Get Out More Road Team will visit specialty outdoor retailers and festivals throughout the country over a 9-month period to promote the active outdoor lifestyle and teach practical outdoor skills. The tour offers interactive retail workshops and presentations full of trail-tested tips, plus hands-on experiential outdoor excursions to educate consumers about the skills and equipment they need to get out more.

Tour guides Sheri and Randy Propster will bring the pages of Backpacker to life from April through November as they share their passion for wilderness exploration and extensive outdoor expertise. Their 60-minute seminars will navigate everything from trip planning and choosing the right outdoor gear and apparel, to safety in the outdoors and essential outdoor skills. www.getoutmore2010.com.