Jetboil Hires Ken Avery As Brand Manager


Manchester, N.H. – Jetboil, the innovative leader in the outdoor cooking market today announced it has hired Ken Avery as its new Brand Manager. Avery comes to the Johnson Outdoors family of brands with 12 years of product development experience.

An avid cyclist, Avery previously worked as brand manager for Vittoria Industries - the world’s leading manufacturer of bicycle tires. And for a decade before that, he worked on product development for Maxxis International, also a tire brand. In both roles, Avery improved user experience through the creation of new products, and the improvement of existing ones.


“Joining the Jetboil team and the Johnson family of outdoor companies is an honor,” Avery said. “I look forward to using my background in product development and building brands to add to the already capable team at Jetboil.”

An ex-pro mountain biker, Avery qualified and competed in the winter X Games in 2000. He holds three top-10 Collegiate National Rankings and in 1999, he was the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference Champion. Today, he continues to ride from his home in Amherst, N.H. There, he also enjoys backpacking, camping, hiking, surfing, and snowboarding.

“One way or another, life has always brought me back outside,” Avery said. “Whether backpacking in the White Mountains, or camping at an event, my best memories always involve the outdoors.”

A U.S.-Patent Holder, Avery appreciates good, clean design and advancements in technology.

“The transition to Jetboil was easy for me; I was already a customer, and the product had proven itself in my own experiences,” Avery said. “I look forward to building upon this, and improving the experience for those who love being outside.”

About Jetboil

Since its inception in 2004, Jetboil’s category leading cooking systems have won numerous awards both inside and outside the outdoor industry. The patented FluxRing® technology, at the heart of Jetboil cooking systems, defines efficiency, safety and ease of use and its introduction has redefined the outdoor cooking category. The Jetboil team is committed to simplifying and personalizing outdoor cooking and fueling a world of exploration. Jetboil is the trusted and indispensable companion of those who push the limits of their endurance, and the boundaries of their experience.


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