Icebug Wins 2016-17 ISPO Award for NOW4 BUGweb RB9X: Three Season Perfection

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Bellingham, WA (January 20, 2016) – Leaders in traction technology, Icebug Footwear is honored by their selection for a 2016-17 ISPO Award for the NOW4 BUGweb RB9X shoe. For Fall/Winter 2016, Icebug introduces a revolutionary outsole combination. The NOW4 BUGweb RB9X combines two of Icebug’s proprietary traction technologies, RB9X (Rubber 9 Extreme) and BUGweb, transforming the shoe into a three-season sneaker. 

Rubber 9 Extreme (RB9X) is Icebug’s latest rubber compound development, setting a new standard in providing friction on slick surfaces. Lab tests (SATRA) show that RB9X® outgrips the competition, but still matches the durability of an asphalt running shoe. BUGweb is a traction technology that consists of a compatible studded outsole designed to fit into the sole of the shoe. The NOW4 BUGweb RB9X a highly functional shoe for the daily urban life, built into a contemporary design.


The history of casual footwear has been limited in terms of usage due to its focus on looks and appearance. Icebug is inspired to change that pattern by incorporating two traction technologies in their new casual line. Thus dramatically increasing the level of functionality in their shoes and also extending the season and utility for winter sneakers. In a very convenient way, the Now4 BUGweb RB9X promotes a healthier and more active lifestyle by providing the accessible tools where grip is needed.

When combing the traction technologies in one shoe, the Icebug team faced several challenges. The RB9X had to be adjusted to ensure compound performance stability that would remain successful in low temperatures. The design of the sole pattern also needed to ensure grip even after the BUGweb device is dismounted.


In combining the BUGweb and RB9X technologies, the shoe’s utility is extended, thus making the NOW4 BUGweb RB9X not only a winter shoe, but also a three-season product. So whether the snow is falling or the sun is shining, the NOW4 BUGweb RB9X will remain relevant. It is the only shoe in your closet that doesn’t have an offseason. 

The NOW4 BUGweb RB9X features a water repellent suede leather upper that provides a classic urban appeal. But don’t be fooled by its good looks, this shoe can handle some serious weather. Icebug is proud to accept the 2016-17 ISPO AWARD in the Outdoor, Hiking and Trekking shoes category.





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