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Icebug Scores New Record for Traction on Ice

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Icebug scores the highest result ever at the WinterLab at University Health Network in Toronto.

Bellingham, WA (February 2,2017)- Icebug’s superior traction has once again been proven by independent third party testing. Scoring a new record high score of two snowflakes by the Winterlab at University Health Network, the leading authority on traction research.

Lately, several brands in the shoe business have started to claim they have the best traction for icy conditions. Icebug actually puts their product to the test in both real use and controlled tests, proving their traction technology to be the best for safety and confidence in icy conditions. Since Icebug’s launch in 2001, they have been the leader in traction technology, winning the ISPO outdoor award for best footwear innovation.

“Icebug is based in Sweden, where 9 months of winter is a real possibility,” said David Ekelund, Owner and CEO at Icebug. “We know ice. We love ice, partially because we know how to manage it. Having the right traction can be the difference between a nice winter walk and a trip to the hospital,” Ekelund continued. “We’re really happy to receive this honor, it’s one thing for us to say it and a completely different story to get independent backing. We’ve also launched a campaign #trythisinanyothershoes” to challenge both manufacturers and consumers to really test their shoes on ice.

Icebug’s score of two snowflakes is a new record. No other shoe brand has achieved higher than one snowflake. As part of the testing, the Icebug Speed BUGrip handled angles over 11 percent on both bare ice and melting ice. By comparison, most other shoes couldn’t handle an angle of 2 percent. (

The Speed BUGrip features 15-19 dynamic carbide tip studs, the same traction that can be found in 20 Icebug walking models and 6 Icebug running models for the winter 2016/2017 season.

This Canadian test result goes hand in hand with Icebug’s mission to make a difference in the world by providing products that empowers and inspires people to stay active even in the most challenging conditions. It’s proof that what Icebug does, really works. BUGrip traction technology Icebug sets a new standard for what best grip really means.

If you’re interested in trying the record holder for traction, Speed BUGrip, or any other of the Icebug BUGrip models, please contact:

Tara Coyle
Terra PR

How the test works:
The test is administered by iDAPT, the research center of Canada’s largest academic rehab hospital: the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network, affiliated with the University of Toronto.

iDAPT’s testing method is the only one of its kind in the world. The scientists at iDAPT have developed a way to get reliable slip resistance results from having participants walk back and forth on an ice floor while slowly increase the angle of the floor.

iDAPT includes the Challenging Environment Assessment Laboratory (CEAL) which seeks to recreate real world environments and test challenges that people face in their everyday lives, such as the hazards of Canadian winters. CEAL’s unique motion base has a 6m x 6m moving floor. This large platform can move up, down, side-to-side, forwards and backwards and can tilt to an angle of 25 degrees. iDAPT currently has 4 different interchangeable labs where the shoe tests are done: StairLab, StreetLab, DriverLab and WinterLab.

About Icebug
Icebug is a Swedish shoe brand that started to challenge the global footwear giants back in 2001. Icebug is driven by innovation, creativity and integrity – a passion for making functional and stylish footwear. Read more about us at


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