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Gore Helps Runners to Clearly Focus on Experiencing More for Spring 09

GORE-TEX® Linings Give Enthusiasts Tools for Managing Heat and Moisture to Achieve “Thermophysiological Comfort”

Addressing a runner's comfort, both real and perceived, for spring '09, W. L. Gore & Associates, the inventor of GORE-TEX® Products with the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® promise, is giving runners the technology they need for a strong performance and the best mental state by achieving “thermophysiological comfort.” GORE-TEX® linings, the key to enabling thermophysiological comfort, will be seen in a wider selection of trail running footwear from respected brands including Adidas, INOV8, La Sportiva, Montrail, New Balance, Nike, Salomon, The North Face and Vasque.

“A runner's comfort plays an important part in maintaining strong physical performance and the mental state needed to perform,” said Matt Schreiner, associate at W. L. Gore & Associates. “If personal comfort becomes a distraction or diverts energy, then running performance suffers. GORE-TEX® footwear is engineered with this need in mind and takes into account a runner's need to maintain microclimate comfort for as long as possible. GORE-TEX® running shoes are not only durably waterproof, but also, provide the highest
comfort possible for the widest range of uses.” The latest trail running shoes from Gore's leading footwear partners address three key comfort limiting problems for a runner: slow evaporation of perspiration in warm conditions, which can result in painful skin damage in the form of blisters; perspiration accumulation in colder conditions, leading to rapid heat loss and ultimately frozen toes; and saturation of socks and footbeds, owing to wet ground conditions that can be both uncomfortable and performance limiting due to weight increase of the shoe. All GORE-TEX® running shoes are completely waterproof and designed to effectively manage the heat and sweat produced by the feet during a run. The spring ‘09 offerings feature GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort Footwear with highly breathable upper components, proprietary constructions, and the latest design innovations of our brand partners.

“We all know about the importance of biomechanics,” continued Schreiner. It is a body of knowledge that literally transformed the sport of running. However, to date not enough thought has gone into the body's need to effectively manage heat and sweat while running and the influence that footwear and clothing play in this process. In fact, the body goes to great lengths to achieve and maintain an optimal temperature, and feet play a big role in this process due to their high concentration of sweat glands. Our GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort Footwear products provide a very specific solution enabling feet to do their job of managing temperature while also protecting them from the negative performance consequences of wet ground conditions.”

“In our collection, we need shoes which can be worn in all weather conditions,” said Thomas Kamm, Footwear Product Manager, Salomon Germany. “The GORE-TEX® lining enables the best product and Gore provides the highest degree of expertise to help us make a shoe that is not only totally waterproof and breathable, but at the same time, helps the outdoor athlete keep his feet in the comfort zone longer.”

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