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Making the Gore-Tex® Brand Fit for the Future

W. L Gore & Associates set to further strenghten its GORE-TEX® brand with a compelling brand program over the next three years

Elkton, Md. – December 1, 2006 - W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. -- World renowned as a manufacturer of functional textiles, the American privately-owned enterprise W. L. Gore & Associates operates in a wide range of business areas. With its GORE-TEX® brand it is internationally recognized as a key player in the outdoor apparel and footwear market. Retailers throughout North America actively sell GORE-TEX® products across multiple categories (mountain sports, snow sports) and applications (garments, footwear, gloves & accessories). Gore is planning to make a significant investment in the GORE-TEX® brand over the next three years.

Strong brand program for the next 3 years starting fall 2007
The strategic objective of this investment is to enhance the brand promise way beyond its well known features of waterproofness and breathability. This is to be fulfilled by a strong and compelling program which will further strengthen the GORE-TEX® brand and thus significantly support the businesses of its customers and retailers. This program includes a new naming system, communications concept, brand slogan, brand design and a global Internet platform. The enhanced brand promise will be fulfilled by a string of innovations coming to the market in the fall/winter season 2007/2008 and beyond.

The elements of the brand program:
1. Focus on the GORE-TEX® brand
Gore research studies indicate overwhelming evidence that consumers trust the GORE-TEX® brand and actively look for it at retail. This is why the emphasis is focused on the GORE-TEX® brand, in keeping with Gore's corporate strategy to concentrate on its core brands in all of its business areas. As Gore Brand Manager, Steve Shuster says: "Consumers are asking for the GORE-TEX® brand - period! For this very reason we have decided to present our entire product offering as simply as possible to our consumers and to concentrate our communications efforts primarily on the world-known and trusted GORE-TEX® brand. "

2. New naming system
As a direct result of Gore research studies which reveal that consumers trust in the GORE-TEX® brand and actively look for it at retail, Gore is introducing a new naming system with a strong focus on the GORE-TEX® brand for the winter season 2007/2008. This will make it much easier for consumers to recognize and differentiate between the various product classes. The new hangtag and label program will be brought into line with the naming system, making it far easier to identify GORE-TEX® products and their intended uses.

3. The GORE-TEX® brand promise - Experience More.
Since the GORE-TEX® brand was first introduced to the market, over 100 million GORE-TEX® products have been sold worldwide. They are all durably waterproof, windproof and breathable. The new generation of GORE-TEX® products promise even more – they are specially engineered to provide extended comfort and durable protection across a wide range of weather conditions and outdoor activities. Whatever you do, the GORE-TEX® brand ensures that you always feel comfortable and are well protected, enabling you to enjoy the environment and your activities with even greater intensity. That is why the new communications campaign is always accompanied by the new claim: EXPERIENCE MORE.

4. New communications concept:
The new GORE-TEX® brand communications concept aims to broaden the brand's leadership position in the market for protective fabrics. It visualizes the brand's strategy to enhance its promise far beyond the well known features of waterproofness and breathability. The concept builds on Gore's strong tradition of cultivating close relationships with its consumers and fans.

5. New brand design & website
The new GORE-TEX® brand design with its unique connection concept gives the brand a strong visual identity and bridges the communications activities across all businesses, media and regions. The new Internet site guides consumers through the world of technology and comfort in a striking way that is easily understood. A catalog of products and direct links to customers and retailers support the buying process both online and offline.

Brand background
With its GORE-TEX® brand, W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of protective fabrics. For the past 30 years, Gore has continually developed new products and technologies for apparel, footwear, gloves and accessories that provide durable waterproof protection and climate comfort for consumers. Since then more then 100 million GORE-TEX® products have been sold worldwide. Even though the GORE-TEX® brand chooses the business model of an ingredient brand, right from the start it established close relationships and close communications directly with consumers. Renowned outdoor, lifestyle and fashion brands design, manufacture and market jackets, shoes, trousers and gloves incorporating GORE-TEX® products. An elaborate quality-management system, which Gore practices for development, manufacture and distribution in collaboration with licensed partners, upholds the superlative functions of GORE-TEX® products. Only in this way is Gore able to remain the sole manufacturer in the field of functional textiles that can offer this unique guarantee: GORE-TEX® GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY®. This promise assures consumers that they are getting products which deliver the best possible performance, combining climatic comfort and protection in all kinds of weather conditions.