The Gore-Tex® Brand is Launching a New Communications Concept

The new GORE-TEX® brand communications concept visualizes the brand’s strategy to enhance its promise far beyond the well known features of waterproofness and breathability.

New GORE-TEX® brand communications concept
The new communications concept is a fully integrated campaign concept that will focus on communicating major GORE-TEX® product innovations in the coming years, providing proof of the enhanced brand promise. The goal of the communications concept is to underscore GORE-TEX® products' leadership position as the premium brand in the development of protective fabrics for clothing, shoes and accessories used in sports and daily life. At the same time, the campaign will also integrate the brand products that are made by licensed manufacturers. The campaign will be placed in multiple media placements. In addition the communications concept will be extensively integrated at the retail level, and throughout other marketing disciplines such as public relations, sponsorship, trade shows and customer and consumer promotions.

The advertising campaign – learning from nature
Plants and animals have come up with ingenious strategies to survive in their natural environments. In contrast, humans in their natural state are not as well suited to outdoor living. To make up for this, they have been equipped with inventive genius and good ideas - exactly what the GORE TEX® brand stands for. The new communications concept of the GORE-TEX® brand draws a comparison between the way nature solves an "issue of survival" and the solutions provided by GORE-TEX® products, offering the human body extended comfort and durable protection. Every GORE-TEX® product is the result of many years of research and development, serving the purpose of significantly improving the performance of the human body. This does not involve copying nature, but it does mean pursuing a common goal: perfect adaptation to match extreme conditions.

Since the GORE-TEX® brand was first introduced to the market, over 100 million GORE TEX® products have been sold worldwide. They are all durably waterproof, windproof and breathable. The new generation of GORE-TEX® products deliver even more – they offer enhanced comfort and durable protection across a wide range of climatic conditions and physical activities. These include mountaineering, winter sports, hiking, cycling, motorcycling, sailing, running, golf and casual wear.
Whatever you do, the GORE-TEX® brand ensures that you always feel comfortable and are well protected, enabling you to enjoy the environment and your activities with even greater intensity. That is why the new communications campaign is always accompanied by the new claim: EXPERIENCE MORE.

The campaign will be launched in January 2007 at the ispo winter 07, the SIA show and the Outdoor Retailer show and in fall 2007/08 for consumers.
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