Go! Towel’s Peak Performance is Peru-Proven from Cerro to Isla

Extreme Peru. From the Andes to Lake Titcaca (stop giggling) - off-the-hook conditions are easily handled by this packable, re-usable, bamboo-fiber towel, yo.

Nevada City, CA – Go! Towel, the official Gear Sponsor of the Go! Towel Wicked Good Copy Peru 2K11 Expedition (G!TWCGP2K11E), exhibited their unique, innovative performance features in tense, Peruvian, do-or-die situations from the peaks towering over Mach Picchu to the remote, high-altitude islands of Lake Titicaca (stop giggling).

Team Leader, Suzanne Hawkins, heroically used a Go! Towel to rescue Team G!TWCGP2K11E from a crisis during a home-stay on Amantani.The night of March 28th, the Team summited the island’s highest point, Pachamama (Where, BTW, the high-altitude donut guy in the cave up there was totally out of donuts. Which was totally bogus.) Following the descent, they dressed in colorful, traditional Amantani Quechua garb and boogied down at the local dance hall. These activities activated sweat glands, which produced armpit haz-mat zones. Hawkins stepped up the next morning, utilizing her Go! Towel to wash.

“That really saved us,” says Hawkins. “We had an extensive travel day on Lake Titicaca (stop giggling) approaching, making the difficult journey back to Puno by boat. Go! Towel helped us achieve positive aroma readings, and made that journey more bearable. And do note – this return trip was a three-hour tour. That’s right, a three-hour tour. We know the potential for danger that lurks there, right Little Buddy?”

“Right, Skipper,” replied Mooers.

But it was at Cerro Machu Picchu that the Go! Towel truly saved the expedition. Cerro Machu Picchu towers over the renowned Inca (or “Inka” if you want to be cool, or "Tawantinsuyu" if you want to be totally Quechua Qool) ruins. No. It’s the mountain in all the pictures. This one is bigger, yo.

Anyway, during their first ascent (note: “their” first ascent) of Cerro Machu Picchu, Mooers was carrying a heavy load. “I had a small pack with water and a jacket. But I was carrying about 20 pounds of blub (stop giggling).During the steep, rapid ascent I found myself sweating profusely. That sweat, combined with my huffing and puffing made me look like a wuss on the trail,” testifies Mooers. That’s where Go! Towel saved the ascent. “I activated a towel and used it to wipe the sweat off my face when I heard someone approaching. This diminished the perception of us as out-of-shape Americans and saved The Team considerable embarrassment.”

“Actually,” adds Hawkins, “it saved YOU embarrassment. I was fine. Fresh, like a daisy. You were the one who looked like Rodney Dangerfield running a marathon.”

“Right, Skipper,” replied Mooers.

Team G!TWCGP2K11E is grateful to Ellen Leaf and Go! Towel (pictured above at Mach Picchu) for making the G!TWCGP2K11E a success. Their participation is a laser-like example of the importance of quality, innovative, high-performance gear. Lives can depend on it.

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