Update: Wicked Good Stops Exploring, Returns from Peru

They finally stopped exploring. Utilizing an innovative blend of airplane and automobile technologies, the Go! Towel Wicked Good Copy Peru 2K11 Expedition (G!TWCGP2K11E)made a safe return home on Saturday.

There comes a time to stop exploring.

Utilizing an innovative blend of airplane and automobile technologies, the Go! Towel Wicked Good Copy Peru 2K11 Expedition (G!TWCGP2K11E) made a safe return home on Saturday.

The trip was not without obstacles. In making their first descent towards the South Face of Panama City, the Team missed their connecting flight. "We had to establish an emergency bivvy at a hotel in Panama City," says Team Wanna-Be Leader, Mike Mooers. "It was hairy at first - we were led to believe our bivvy would be a suite, but as the situation unfolded we realized we would need to squeeze into a double. Fortunately there was a manageable hot-tub environment just down the ledge - next to the pool."

Food became an issue once the team was denied complimentary room-service, but was overcome by finding access to the hotel's buffet.

"It was hairy," says Suzanne Hawkins (actual Team Leader). "We had to make some difficult choices at that table. There's only so much room on a plate."

The trip got smoother following the emergency bivvy. The team boarded their flight, endured customs in Houston, and hopped their connection to San Francisco. At this point, no longer able to rely on Airplane Technology, they switched to Automotive. Picked up by Suzanne's daughter, the team transferred all of their gear into a green Subaru, executed the tricky dog pick-up (thanks for watching him, Mom), and uilized a combination of Intersate and Country Road Technologies to make their return to the SIerra Foothills.

One last food-drop was required in Auburn, CA.

The Team's return met their carbon footprint goals. "Nothing neutral about Wicked Good," states Mooers. "We laid down a Bob Lanier size-22 print, and we aren't going to pretend that sending some company money is going to offset it."

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