Wicked Good Copy & Communications Renews SNEWS Subscription

Wicked Good Copy & Communications renews SNEWS subscription, writes press release. You should hire them.

Nevada City, CA – In a move calculated to deliver the opportunity to distribute self-serving press releases to a wider audience, Wicked Good Copy & Communications (WGC&C) renewed their SNEWS subscription and immediately issued this self-serving press release (SSPR).

“Two hundred bucks for a subscription ain’t a ton of dough, but it comes to about a month’s worth of burritos – even longer if you go the bean and cheese route,” says WGC&C’s Supreme Leader and Creative Ninja, Mike Mooers. “We needed to sort out our priorities, and when the Mexican place across from the office shut down, it became a no-brainer.” Mooers, who now brings his lunch to the office, and is currently waiting for the logjam at the microwave to subside, is clearly glad to be back in the SNEWS loop. “I’m glad to back in the SNEWS loop,” he stated when asked.

WGC&C’s subscription will last for an entire year, giving them the opportunity to submit at least 365 SSPR’s. “Like that’s gonna happen,” says WGC&C’s spokesman, Mike Mooers. “We find that, from a business standpoint, it is much wiser to put our focus on our clients so that we can deliver the wickedest good copy on the planet.”

Some of the recent recipients of this client-first approach include Gaiam, Discovery Communications, Mountain Hardwear, Ellie Mae, more Ellie Mae and BriarPatch Community Market.

In spite of this impressive roster, WGC&C is always looking for fresh challenges. “Heck yeah – new clients are cool,” says Mooers. “We have some slots in queue right now – c’mon and email me and we can get crackin’ on writing some words to make you some money.”

As for the $200 - $195, actually - Mooers is quick to point out that SNEWS’ industry leading news and information comes to about 50-cents a day, and delivers the trends, the insight, and the buzz. He also points out that he pulled this thought from an ad he wrote when he worked for SNEWS a few years ago.

About Wicked Good Copy & Communications: Based in the Sierra Foothills town of Nevada City – which is in California, BTW – Wicked Good has been delivering brand-crafted copy for a wide variety of clients. Mike Mooers, the company's founder and creative force, has a proven two-decade background in marketing communications. He founded Wicked Good Copy & Communications in late 2010. Facebook Wicked Good, Contact Wicked Good: mike@wickedgoodcopy.com