Get Your Feet on Straight!

One of the most overlooked aspects of peak athletic function is foot and ankle alignment.

Marblehead, MA - One of the most overlooked aspects of peak athletic function is foot and ankle alignment. If it's not right, or if it's not maintained, your performance suffers. So does your sports lifespan. Enter ALINE, makers of a brilliantly simple system that allows you to understand and optimize your alignment - all by spending about five minutes in a retail setting… By taking advantage of ALINE's comprehensive understanding of human motion, you reward yourself with a longer-lasting, higher-performing sports experience.

The heart of ALINE's system is the ALINEr—a laser assisted measuring system that quickly sizes the foot and tells you exactly what needs to be done to overcome the wear and tear that may be holding you back (or keeping you home). The device can be easily used by retail sales staff and expert boot-fitters alike.

The ALINEr is the love child of designer Keith Orr and ski legend/footwear guru Gordon Hay. Orr is an engineering savant who has designed leading-edge equipment for orthopedic surgeons, developed DMX footwear technology for Reebok, and created key products for Burton's Redline. Hay—a local ski hero and pioneer cliff huckster—spent 20 years building legendary custom footbeds for elite athletes. He's sent skiers to the Olympics and climbers to the top of Everest. Top performers in both sports make pilgrimages from around the world, just to be fitted by Gordon.

“This has been the perfect way to join our knowledge of human anatomy and systems engineering, and to do it in a way that's understandable and accessible to athletes at every level,” says Orr. “We've taken Gordon's lifetime of experience and intuitive knowledge and built it into everything we do.”

Once you've spent a few minutes on the ALINEr, you'll “know your line” and have all the knowledge you need to perfectly align your feet, ankles, and lower legs. And because very few products actually allow for optimal alignment and proper foot motion, Hay and Orr have developed the BFAST foot suspension system—an unprecedented technology that fits into your footwear and instantly improves control, balance, and power transfer. The result is that you regain the performance of years gone by…and maintain your performance for years to come.

The ALINEr experience is free at retail. The BFAST foot suspensions system costs $50 and can be transferred into any rigid footwear you choose.

“It's amazing to me that we spend so many billions of dollars on sports equipment and footwear—and we remain ignorant of our own unique biomechanics, which are more important than any piece of gear,” says Derek Carroll, president of ALINE. “A few millimeters of misalignment can lead to a huge loss of performance and a whole range of biomechanical problems…why not fix it at the source?”

In just 100 days, ALINE has opened over 100 accounts nationwide. Once you've experienced ALINEment, you'll understand why. So get your feet on straight, and change your possibilities forever.

Located in Marblehead, MA, ALINE is a technology and intellectual property company focused on improving the sports performance and enjoyment of our customers.

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