UK to Launch a New Headlamp Technology

The company is launching the first model of a new collection of headlamps.

Underwater Kinetics (a.k.a.UK), a leading maker of innovative personal lighting equipment in the dive and industrial markets, has set its sites on the outdoor market with the launch of the first model of a new collection of headlamps built exclusively for that market.

“What separates UK from our competitors in other markets is our level of innovation, well thought out price points and a family approach to product development”, said Mike Fattori, Sales Director for the Dive, Outdoor & Government divisions for the company. “For over thirty-five years the Underwater Kinetics brand name has been associated with a consistent aesthetic theme and like features across the product line,” said Fattori. “Among the features that we are best known for are our consistent tried & true waterproof ratings and our ability to design products which can withstand harsh or difficult environments.”

The initial launch of the series will be the Vizion™ 3AAA eLED® Headlamp, to be delivered for Fall 2007. Built off of a cylinder type construction with a semi-rigid two hooped mounting system the Vizion™ 3AAA eLED® is designed to rotate on its own axis. Self contained the headlamp is roughly the size of the plastic capsule a 35mm film comes in. This new innovation in headlamps will have a waterproof rating of 10 meters, two power options, three selectable beam patterns, a high power LED (Approx. ½ watt) and an output of approximately 29 lumens. With a large power button and adjustment knobs, the Vizion™ can be turned on and off and cycle through beam patterns and colors with ease- even while wearing gloves.

The Vizion™ 3AAA eLED® Headlamp will also have the following proprietary design and use applications:
• Proprietary Battery warming / Heat Recovery System - Warmer batteries equals more power!
o Designed so the heat from the LED (LED runs cooler) goes into the batteries ( huge asset in cold weather climates), providing approximately 10% more run time and output from the cooler LED. The key here is to control the warming point (LED's loose efficiency as they get too hot) so efficiency isn't lost. This is done with a proprietary battery heat sink system that works in conjunction with the surface area of the whole unit to make the unit run cooler.
• UK's Proprietary Battery Advanced Compound Path Optics (CPO)
o Most multi-beam LED systems use multiple bulbs and/or external filters. UK's Compound Path Optics (CPO) system is self-contained. Internal lenses rotate over the primary bulb system offering three different beam pattern / color options; Spot, Wide and Red Wide using a rotating knob system. When the options are rotated in front of the inner optics, the beam widens, turns red, etc.
• Removable LED Lamp Module For Use As Camp Light
o The self contained LED lamp module, constructed of high impact ABS, LEXAN®, polyurethane rubber, and plated copper for heat efficiency, can be removed from head mount for use as a camp light- still offering the user three different beam pattern options and color changes.

With a suggested retail of about $31.99 the Vizion™ 3AAA eLED® Headlamp will be the first in a new series of headlamps which represents a major advancement in headlamp technology.

Size: L 2.90 in / 7.37 cm; H 1.47 in / 3.73 cm; D 1.82 in / 4.63 cm
Weight: 3.9 oz / 110 gm (alkaline batteries); 3.5 oz / 99 gm (lithium batteries)
Batteries: 3 AAA alkaline, 3 AAA lithium
Brightness: 29 lumen / 340 lux
Distance Seen: 305 ft / 93 m
Burn Time: 150 hours
Depth Tested: 33 ft / 10 m

For over a quarter century Underwater Kinetics, better known as UK, has been in the business of designing and manufacturing lights, protective cases and accessories for use in harsh or difficult environments. UK protective dry cases meet rigid standards set by OEMs to protect their products in challenging environments. For more information on UK, please visit