Feetures! Announces Partnership with Mountain Adventure Runner Anna "Frosty" Frost


Charlotte, NC - Feetures!, a leader in the performance running sock category, is thrilled to announce their partnership with Anna Frost, one of the most recognized and decorated female mountain adventure runners in the world. Frost, better known by her nickname “Frosty,” is known for her big smile and her open-minded approach to training and racing. 

Feetures Performance Socks type with white®

Frost met Feetures!’ Marketing Director Joe Gaither at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City four years ago, where Gaither urged her to take
 a pair of socks on a test run. Frosty never looked back. In October, 2015, she sported Feetures!’ Elite Mini Crew socks during the entirety of her win of famed Hard Rock 100 mile race in 2015 without a blister to be found.

“For races like Hardrock, it’s crucial to have socks that can withstand wet, cold terrain without getting smelly or giving me blisters,” says Frost. “No matter what the conditions, Feetures! socks are comfortable, durable, and don’t ride around, so I don’t have to worry about blisters. Plus, they come in great colors.”

“Frosty exemplifies the spirit of running, and we’re honored that she’s chosen Feetures! socks to train and race in, says Gaither. “We’re proud to partner with an athlete who shares our commitment to helping others achieve healthy, active lifestyles.”

About Feetures!

Feetures!’ mission is to support runners and other athletes in their pursuit of healthy, active lifestyles. Based in Conover and Charlotte, NC, Feetures! is a family run business focused on offering products that are designed to help athletes achieve their personal best. For more information visit www.Feeturesrunning.com