Ecōths Feeds the Needy with over 83,000 Meals Donated in 2015


Reno, NV – Hunger continues to be a major issue in the United States. Most recent studies show that 14 percent of households in the US experience food insecurity. These families do not have reliable access to enough affordable and nutritious food. Many of these families depend on Federal or local subsidies to provide them with food ( In 2014, Ecōths men’s clothing company decided to make a difference in the fight against hunger and donate three meals to regional food banks throughout the US and Canada for each garment sold. Since 2014, Ecōths has donated over 128,000 meals to those in need.


In 2015, Ecōths donated a total of 83,724 meals throughout both the United States and Canada, hoping to make an impact in regions are dearest to the Ecōths’ sales team. To do this, Ecōths asks each sales representative to choose a food bank in their territory to receive their donations at the end of the season. 

“We continue to be inspired by the individual lives that Ecōths helps change through our Good Sam program and giving to regional community food banks,” says Tom Williamson, VP of Marketing and Sales at Ecōths. “Our mission to find a balance between business and goodness has been successful and we will continue to build upon that in 2016.” 

With three years under its belt, Ecōths is growing to be a necessary brand for the urban rugged man who wants to feel good about the product he is wearing while looking great. The brand continues to not only give back to those in need, but they also are dedicated to using sustainable fabrics whenever possible. In 2015, Ecōths grew to just over 100 retailers. Ecōths was able to capitalize on a local donation matching program for their local Northern Nevada Food Bank. When the local grocery offered to match anyone’s donation to the local food bank for the day, Ecōths was able to turn their $4,000 donation into an impressive $8,000 for those in need. 

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About Ecōths

A harmonious blend of Eco and Ethos, Ecōths is unparalleled in its combination of unique styling details, sustainable fabrics and approach to being a brand with a true soul. For every Ecōths garment purchased, three meals will be provided to someone in need through local food banks. Ecōths mission is simple; bring together the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Product.