Dr. Greenfield's ChafeShield product review from NAARS


When you are constantly on the go, your body, especially your skin can sometimes breakdown. ChafeShield is a topical anti-friction cream that provides a barrier of protection to prevent and also help heal any time of irritation caused by friction. ChafeShield is suitable for use by runners, cyclists, athletes and workers as an aid to help prevent and relieve chapping, chaffing, blisters and calluses caused by the forceful rubbing of repetitive motion. ChafeShield's anti-friction formula provides relief anywhere there is annoying rubbing: on feet, between legs, inner thighs, under arms, breasts, etc. ChafeShield is also suitable for use on sunburned and wind burned skin. Friction fighting ChafeShield provides a barrier of protection when applied to skin in contact with athletic clothing, protective gear and pads, wet suits, bras, etc. ChafeShield may also be directly applied to the interior of shoes, athletic footwear, bicycle seats and personal protective equipment. ChafeShield is recommended for use on skin in contact with prosthesis. ChafeShield is a non-greasy cream that penetrates quickly and is unscented and non-staining. It can handle any kind of activity you participate in. Whether you are doing a short training session, or you are running a marathon, ChafeShield will get the job done. It not only makes sure that there is no uncomfortable rubbing or chafing, it also lasts for long amounts of time, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying.

Our team and many racers in the North American Adventure Racing Series (NAARS) absolutely love ChafeShield. Out in those unpredictable conditions in the race, it comes in handy in any situation. From using it for our biking shorts, to using it on our feet, it helps us stay in peak condition to race our hardest and fastest. It’s amazing what one little blister can do to hurt your race! With this product we don’t have to ever worry about that.


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