NAARS team review of ZEMgear minimalist shoes


Make the most of the durable and non-marking, 'Green-Grip' recycled rubber out-sole for energetic runs, along-the-shore and water-sports or gym work-outs. The Oxygen 2 Ninja pattern delivers a natural barefoot-feel and the "grip-ability" needed for many athletic activities around the water and nautical environments that benefit from natural toe flexibility. Water dispersion channels help with slip-resistance on marine surfaces or diverse wet environments. The flexible, form-fitting 4-way stretch uppers hold multiple widths and foot shapes comfortably. ZEMs 6 unique heritage tech-bands deliver secure footing and lateral stability desired for active engagement in life and sports. When stepping into the Oxygen 2 Ninja, you have to allow your toes to reach into the shoe all the way before pulling up the counter over your heel. You also have to give the materials time to warm up and mold to your individual foot shape. Your foot takes only a short transition time to embrace the new barefoot feeling to the fullest.

These shoes are great for paddle boarding, sailing, beach walks and runs, gym work outs, boating and marine activities, boot camp, travel, and everyday life. One of the benefits of this footwear is the split-toe foot agility that creates that true barefoot experience. They also re-condition your natural arch and enhance foot strength. Their heightened proprioception improves balance and the low-impact production methods reduce ZEMs carbon footprint. If you are normally a half size, you should order up to the next full size for a proper comfortable fit. The O2’s have a split-toe pattern for ultimate "grip-ability" and barefoot feel. They feature Green Grip recycled rubber pods and non-marking, non-slip outsole with water-dispersion channels. They have the form-fitting 4-way stretch upper to accommodate multiple widths and foot shapes. The patented high-frequency Tech Bands create lateral stability. Overall these shoes are a great purchase. They have the barefoot feel with the support that you need to maintain a healthy, well-functioning body, so you can continue pushing yourself each day.

 These shoes are great for adventure racers and outdoor enthusiasts in general. Our team members spend a great portion of our free time outdoors and being active. Minimalist shoes are great for performing the watersports, hiking/camping activities, and any workout that we love doing. ZEMgear gets you a wonder barefoot experience while maintaining the support, comfort and protection that active feet need.