Dan Mann of the Mann Group, Consulting Firm and Training Vehicle for Over 750 Businesses Worldwide, Releases Book on Power of Influence.


Asheville, N.C. - Owners and managers today have to possess dozens of marketable skills—deep reserves of patience, unerring commitment to their company and employees, amicable authority—but all of these are merely auxiliary pieces of the greater skill of influence. The ability to influence is the most important aspect of every leader’s skill set, and it’s not necessarily an easy one to learn. ORBiT is changing that.


With three decades of experience in leadership and leadership training, Dan Mann of The Mann Group is the perfect progenitor for ORBiT, or Optimized Reality Behavior Training. Mann refined his vast catalogue of advice for leaders into an effective road map for influence in his new book, ORBiT: The Art and Science of Influence.

In ORBiT, Mann details the six steps of the program in concise, easily digestible chapters that are easy for supervisors and leaders of all spheres to implement. ORBiT is designed to increase influence by setting expectations, increasing the urgency for change, teaching techniques and skills and increasing the proficiency of the leader.

For years Mann has been teaching ORBiT through his courses in The Mann Group, delivering the knowledge to professional leaders in classes and at conferences like Interbike and Outdoor Retailer. Now, leaders of all types can incorporate the skills of ORBiT into their workflow without leaving their chairs.

“We all know people in our society that have an extraordinary ability to influence others, but very few have the ability to explain the ‘art’ of influencing adults the way Dan has so eloquently done in this book,” says Todd Ouellette, President and CEO of Long-Lewis Automotive Group. “Whether you are trying to influence a corporate team of 500 or just an individual that you care deeply about, Dan’s book lays out an excellent road map filled with practical application on how to become a successful influencer.”

ORBiT is an invaluable, easily implementable guide for leaders of all types. To learn more or buy your copy, check out www.orbitinfluence.com.