CamelBak Limited Edition Graphic Bottles Help You Head Back to School

Heading back to school is always a good excuse to upgrade accessories. CamelBak’s new Limited Edition Graphic Bottle line will make a visit to your store mandatory for back-to-school shoppers looking for a fashion statement.

The new line of reusable personal water bottles, based on the popular CamelBak Better Bottleâ„¢, is now available with ten different graphic treatments, ready to match your customer's personal style with everything from argyle/animal prints to skull and crossbones. Bottles will be available to ship June 15-August 1, 2008 in time for Back To School merchandising. Orders are being taken through March 1.

Carrying your own bottle has become a statement in itself. Customers of all ages want to stay hydrated, but they know that Americans go through 50 billion throwaway water bottles a year and they don't want to be part of that waste stream. Carrying their own bottle shows they're ahead of the curve and CamelBak provides a nicely designed alternative to the traditional offerings.

The Better Bottle has a flip-up Big Biteâ„¢ Valve that enables spill-free sipping as an antidote to taking off a wide screw top and gulping. Its spillproof design makes it great for the car, gym, classroom, or next to a keyboard. The Better Bottle has a smooth, ergonomic shape and a handy grab handle that lets you clip it to the outside of a pack.

Need more? Well, you've probably been reading about consumer concern over chemical compounds, especially bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates. The Camelbak Better Bottle is made from a brand new material called Tritan®, that contains none of these compounds, so your customers (and your sales staff) can be confident as well as hydrated.

“The timing is right for the Graphic Bottle line,” says Layne Rigney, CamelBak's VP of Global Sales. “Our Bottle business is growing fast and this line is designed to support our retail partners by appealing to a younger customer. The line will be supported by a heavy online publicity campaign that will concentrate on environmental, youth and parenting sites. We're finding that the BPA and phthalate-free issue is important to customers of all ages.”