Eco Bottle Sponsors Checkpoint Tracker With Limited Edition Bottle

Using 2012 Checkpoint Tracker Championships to launch new hydration tube system for racers and limited edition custom bottle

WINNIPEG - Eco Bottle, a Swiss company launched earlier this summer, has designed a stunning custom bottle for the 2012 Checkpoint Tracker Championship.

Every attendee will receive a one-of-kind, Checkpoint Tracker branded Eco Bottle with SportTop and the all new hydration tube, a new accessory being introduced for the first time at the race.

Eco Bottle's mission is to create stylish, ergonomic bottles that are both functional and affordable. To that end, working with Swiss industry experts, they've spent several years designing the “ultimate bottle”, making sure the end product was fun and served a purpose in everyday life.

Many reusable bottles on the market are made out of plastic, or may contain liners with plastic coatings, that have been known to leach toxic chemicals (BPA). To avoid the associated health risks, Eco Bottle has a BPA free liner and has features such as a wider mouth that make it easier to clean, quick release open/close system, straw extensions and a range of 4 new tops that expand the bottle's versatility making it idea for outdoor sports like biking, team sports and running.

We encourage you to visit Eco Bottle's website to learn more about their high quality replacement bottles and their mission to replace the 2.7 million tons of plastics bottles discarded every year with a sustainable, reusable alternative.