Swiftwick Extends Sponsorship of Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing

Swiftwick will provide their exceptional compression socks and arm sleeves to all racers competing in Checkpoint Tracker’s annual Adventure Racing Championship

Checkpoint Zero, LLC announced today that Swiftwick has extended their sponsorship of Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing with a commitment to provide their exceptional compression socks and arm sleeves to all racers competing in Checkpoint Tracker's annual Adventure Racing Championship.

Swiftwick is a Tennessee based company that produces high end compression socks that utilize construction methods, designs, and materials that have made them the first choice among both world class athletes and everyday consumers alike. Swiftwick takes pride in the fact that production is entirely domestic and the vast amount of materials are sourced within the U.S. Swiftwick also takes great pride in the fact that the material selection and manufacturing techniques are “green” by design. Swiftwick socks offer top of class moisture wicking and climate control, not through chemical treatments, but via construction techniques and fiber selection. Swiftwick socks also feature compression throughout, with both the footbed and the uppers offering an undeniable performance advantage that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

“I first got my hands on a pair of Swickwick socks when they sponsored our inaugural championship race in 2010″, commented Paul Angell, President of Checkpoint Zero. “Since then I've ditched every other brand of socks in my drawer and replaced them 100% with Swiftwick socks. There is simply no comparison in terms of quality and performance. I was delighted when they approached us about expanding their support and offered to equip all of our Championship racers with socks and arm warmers. More adventure racers are sidelined because of issues with their feet than anything else. The simple fact is that Swiftwick's compression socks are the best way to mitigate the most common foot problems you're likely to have while training or racing. Period.”

To make sure racers are able to test their Swiftwick socks before taking on the field at the Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing Championship on October 21st at the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky, Swiftwick will be sending a pair of their 200 thread count Merino wool performance socks and a pair of arm sleeves for each racer on every team when their registration is confirmed. To take advantage of this generous benefit teams must register by August 15th.

“Our attitude mirrors the nothing-short-of-insane commitment to excellence that adventure racers bring to every aspect of their life and sport,” said Mark cleveland, Swiftwick President. “We took a new approach to compression technology and created a new standard in Merino socks. Swiftwick socks are born for ultra endurance athletes and adventure racers — designed for people who train. This partnership is about performance, Checkpoint Tracker is the standard bearer and together we want to dominate this space and have fun doing it.”

About Swiftwick

Headquartered in Brentwood Tennessee, Swiftwick is a performance wear manufacturer that proudly employs the American workforce in high quality textile manufacturing. Swiftwick's vision is to be an innovator in designing and producing the best active-wear products on the planet, creating a culture focused on manufacturing through environmentally friendly means, social responsibility and superior customer service.


About Checkpoint Tracker

Checkpoint Tracker is the largest competitive adventure racing series in North America with 3200 registered racers competing in 80+ events in the US and Canada. On October 21st, 2011 Checkpoint Tracker will host is second annual Adventure Racing Championship at the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky.