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CamelBak Delivers New BPA/Phthalate Free Re-Usable Bottle

CamelBak Products, LLC, announced that it will begin shipping its new line of BPA and Phthalate free re-usable water bottles ahead of schedule.

CamelBak Products, LLC, announced today that it will begin shipping its new line of bisphenol-A (BPA)- and Phthalate-free re-usable water bottles ahead of schedule. The company originally planned to deliver its Better Bottle with Classic Cap mid-February, but will instead ship the first 100% BPA- and phthalate-free bottles from its San Diego distribution center the week of January 21st.

With the growth in bottled water consumption in the United States, more than 50 billion plastic bottles are thrown away each year, raising a number of environmental concerns. In August, The New York Times pointed out in an editorial that it takes about 1.5 million barrels of oil to make the bottles for the bottled water Americans use each year, enough to fuel 100,000 cars. In addition, the paper noted, only about 23 percent of these bottles are actually recycled.

In the face of these environmental concerns, many people have switched to re-usable bottles, although many of these bottles contain BPA and Phthalates. So CamelBak, the inventor and world leader in innovative hydration systems, challenged its development team to improve its popular line of water bottles used by athletes, outdoorsmen, military personnel and millions of others. CamelBak teamed with an innovative U.S.-based supplier to produce a re-usable bottle made from an entirely new material, Eastman Tritanâ„¢ copolyester.

The result is a CamelBak® Better Bottle™ that is BPA/Phthalate-free, allowing people to make an immediate positive impact on the environment while feeling confident that they're using the best re-usable bottle in the marketplace. CamelBak's first BPA/Phthalate-free bottles will ship January 21st, with every bottle in the CamelBak line BPA-free by summer 2008.

“Consumers have been asking for a BPA-free alternative with the durability, clarity and vibrant color of polycarbonate bottles,” said Sally McCoy, CamelBak CEO. “We're very happy to be the first company to give them that choice.”

Launched in 2006, the CamelBak Better Bottle represents a new standard of performance and convenience in re-usable water bottles. Available in nine colors in sizes of .5 liter, .75 liter and 1 liter, this innovative product uses the self-sealing CamelBak Big Bite Valveâ„¢, which offers easy, spill-proof sipping for active and on-the-go-consumers.