Bilt™: BPA-FREE, Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Compelling Collection of “Best in Class”, Reusable, Durable, BPA–FREE Water Bottles Debuts at Outdoor Retailer

Bilt, a progressive business offering products that support an active and healthy lifestyle, announced today that their compelling 2009 collection, debuting at the Summer 2008 Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow in Salt Lake City this August, will feature a “Best in Class” materials testing program. Visit Bilt at OR booth 86046.

At the Summer 2008 Outdoor Retailer Show Bilt will debut their 2009 collection of BPA-Free stainless steel water bottles - including the Mizu. This sleek, ergonomically shaped single wall stainless steel water bottle has a capacity of 26 fl oz and retails for $16.00 for stainless steel models and $18.00 for colored stainless steel models. The flip top, spill-resistant lid can be opened with one hand - making it ideal for active sports while providing peace of mind when in the vicinity of a keyboard. The easy to clean, wide-mouth threaded V2 collar of tested #5 food grade polypropylene allows for a smooth lid attachment, yet still fits bottle adaptors of most backcountry water filters.

The name ‘Mizu' - Japanese for water - was chosen from the online Bilt ‘Clear Blue Water Contest' at where participants can name new designs; the winners receive a case of bottles and a donation of $1000.00 to an NGO that delivers safe drinking water systems to developing communities.

In response to growing concerns about the harmful effects of products containing BPA, and the demands from consumers for detailed information on the quality and safety of materials used, Bilt is committed to offering reusable, durable, stainless steel water bottles that exceed current industry standards. Demonstrating this commitment is the extension of their “Best in Class” materials testing program, which includes their current independent finished goods testing and has expanded to a comprehensive raw materials testing process.

“Our design team has delivered a stunning collection for 2009.” said Bilt Operations Manager Robyn Gibson. “Also, most of our customers have moved from a “trust us” to a “show us” world and the Bilt team is proud to offer stainless steel water bottles that are backed by our “Best in Class” program. We bring a focused yet humble approach to ensuring that our testing processes give the highest assurances to the integrity of our products.”

All Bilt Stainless Steel water bottles are made with a premium food-grade type 304 stainless steel containing 18% chromium and 8% nickel. This material is chosen for its consistent quality and performance characteristics of not leaching chemicals, staining, corroding or rusting. The inside of Bilt bottles are finished using an electrolyte charge and dolomitic sand blasting; unlike aluminum bottles that need an inner coating lacquer containing BPA. Currently the stainless steel, plus the US FDA food grade #5 polypropylene used in the drinking collar and lid, are tested by SGS, an independent agency, to US FDA, California Proposition 65 and European Norm standards for food containers.

“We have always strived to take our chain of custody processes to the next level,” stated Bilt founder Jon Davis. “Requiring our materials suppliers to provide test data is good, independent testing of finished products is better, but adding in a “Best in Class” materials testing program for our 2009 collection is something we are really excited about.”

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