MiiR Bottles Offer Functionality, Personalization and Clean Water

MiiR Bottles officially launches BPA-free stainless steel water bottle collection, combining intricately thought out product design elements with technology from Skinit, the industry leader in consumer personalization.

A new company has entered the outdoor market this month and it's completely changing the way we look at stainless steel bottles. MiiR Bottles, the brain child of Seattle entrepreneur and outdoor enthusiast Bryan Papé, combines intricately thought out product design elements with technology from Skinit, the industry leader in consumer personalization. In addition, MiiR gives back to the community in a big way with their one4one program where one dollar from every bottle purchased goes toward the purchase of clean water in underdeveloped countries.

A business graduate of Seattle Pacific University, Papé was most recently on the founding and executive team of Little Hotties Warmers based in Seattle, WA before it was sold to Implus Footcare, LLC in 2009. Being an avid outdoorsman and familiar with the outdoor industry from a business perspective, he looked beyond the ubiquitous bottles that plague the outdoors to create MiiR Bottles.

“Our goal with MiiR was to design and produce the most innovative bottle while giving back to those without access to clean water,” said Bryan Papé, Founder and CEO, MiiR Bottles. “We crafted a bottle that's remarkable in functionality, completely customizable, and also provides tangible, difference-making change in our world through our one4one campaign.”

MiiR uses 100 percent recyclable stainless steel and BPA-free lids in all their bottles. They are designed with a smaller mouth opening that can still fit ice cubes but isn't so big that water pours out the sides while drinking, and it only takes one complete turn of the specially-threaded, leak-proof lid to open and close it. Lastly, unlike most water bottles, MiiR Bottles fit into most cup holders, a huge plus if you ever decide to set it down.

Between two bottle sizes, five bottle colors, two lid types and seven lid colors, MiiR Bottles are available in 140 different product configuration combinations. Papé took a huge step to differentiate MiiR from other bottle companies by partnering with Skinit to offer consumers the opportunity to customize their bottle in the same fashion as millions have done with Skinit for electronic devices delivering a high-quality, durable product for greater customer satisfaction. Skinit has taken the concept of personalization, and made it about as simple as it can be to Make It Yours.TM With Skinit's unique technology to create skins with a perfect fit, consumers can personalize their cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, cameras, gaming consoles, and now water bottles. MiiR bottles are designed with a relief inlay so that the skin is flush to the bottle, and by either using their own design or one of the thousands of designs already available from Skinit, consumers can now have a water bottle that is all their own.

“We are excited to see personalization continue to extend to new products like the MiiR bottles. As we have seen with electronic devices, the ability to add your personality to a product creates greater attachment and customer satisfaction,” said Paul Buss, CEO, Skinit, Inc.

MiiR is partnering with specialty outdoor retailers, sporting good chains, e-commerce sites and food, drug and mass merchandisers whose core values align with that of MiiR's. MiiR bottles that are purchased at retail have a pincode attached to them for redemption at www.miir.com. The entire purchase and design process is seamless on the interactive MiiR website. Consumers simply choose their bottle/lid combo by using the advanced product configurator and receive a pin number for the skin via email after the purchase. The website also features the MiiR Community, a unique place for open, ongoing MiiR bottle skin design submissions featuring weekly monetary prizes, and to score designs which ultimately helps to decide which skins become MiiR bottle skins.

Papé believes in taking his gifts and using them to improve the lives of others, which is why he has incorporated the MiiR one4one program into his business model. “Nearly a billion people struggle to survive everyday because they don't have access to clean, safe drinking water,” says Pape. “One dollar of each MiiR bottle purchased provides one person with clean water for one year. Roughly $5,000 can build a freshwater well in a village and provide 250+ people with clean drinking water for 20 years. We're pretty excited about that.”

About Miir Bottles
MiiR Bottles was founded in 2010 and is based in Seattle, Wash. With a commitment to being reusable, recyclable and completely safe for consumption, MiiR Bottles are completely BPA-free and made from 100 percent stainless steel. MiiR Bottles combine innovative product design elements with the customization tools of Skinit, the industry leader and brand in On-Demand Customization and Personalization Technology, to offer consumers more functionality and a new way to customize their water bottles. MiiR also gives back to the community with their one4one program where one dollar from every bottle purchased goes toward the purchase of clean water in underdeveloped countries.

About Skinit, Inc.
Skinit, Inc. is the industry leader and brand in On-Demand Customization and Personalization Technology. Skinit, Inc. manufactures domestically and distributes customized products for small and large electronic devices, cars, and wall graphics. Skinit's online ordering and customization tools allow consumers to create licensed, branded, and personalized electronic device covers, or skins, using high quality, patented 3M products. Skinit also offers B2B On-Demand Personalization Platforms as complete turn-key or stand-alone hosted software, as well as service solutions which drive manufacturing technologies such as laser etching, paint-on-demand, digital print, and film conversion. Located in San Diego, Calif., USA, Skinit currently powers more than 19 personalization programs for Fortune 1000 companies in the wireless, medical, retail, consumer electronic, home appliance and commercial graphic industries.


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