Butler Turns To US Manufacturing To Make A Better Children’s Boot


MONTREAL, QC (December 10, 2014) – No one is tougher on footwear than kids and Butler believes it can make a better, more innovative children’s line of boots in the US.


So, while most footwear brands continue to look to the Far East for their manufacturing solutions Butler began producing in the US earlier this year using the very same Indiana manufacturing facility that once used to make Studebaker automobiles.

Since it’s founding in 2012, the Canadian company’s vision was to provide the highest quality product. From the onset, American manufacturing was part of the Butler strategy. The founders located a manufacturer that had the expertise required to participate in the continuing development of the complex production processes required.

The result? While many children’s products just meet government standards, Butler has developed a boot that far exceeds Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. (CPSIA) Butler Overboots are made with a proprietary TPE which contains no traces of lead or plastic toxins. Furthermore, the eco-friendly boots are rigorously tested to outperform in adverse conditions while providing unparalleled comfort and performance.

Butler’s original Overboot which stretches right over a child’s shoes to keep them dry and protected are designed so even the smallest hands can slip them on and off, making parents lives easier and helping kids to keep on adventuring.

In 2015, Butler is introducing a four-season solution with an innovative liner, which simply fits into Butler’s original Overboot. Children can now simply keep or remove the liner depending whether the Butler Overboot is worn with or without shoes.

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Mark Tedeschi

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