American Made R. Murphy Company Partners with True North Brand Group

160 Year Old Leading Maker of Knives to expand in outdoor, hunting and fishing markets

AYER, MA. - R. Murphy Company, Inc., maker of premier knives for a wide range of applications from shoe and paper mills to fishing, outdoor, hunting and kitchen knives - has embarked on a new marketing campaign and retained True North Brand Group, Inc., to help generate awareness and grow its industrial and consumer business.

R. Murphy, founded in 1850 continues to make its knives in Ayer, Ma., producing knives in a range of categories including hunting, fishing, oyster and clamming as well as knives designed specifically for boating and sporting.

R. Murphy knives are unique in that each knife is made by a 10-plus step hands-on manufacturing process, that ensures the sharpest, most durable knife. “Others that produce knives at higher production volumes are unable to match the attention to detail that can be found in R. Murphy knives,” said Mark Furman, president of R. Murphy Co., Inc. who recently purchased the company.

R. Murphy is also set apart from others thru product manufacturing diversity and product knowledge - enabling the company to use appropriate metals, woods and plastics for different end-uses.

“It’s a matter of finding the best product for the use and customers preferences,” said Furman. “R. Murphy’s strength has been finding the right alloys to make the best possible blade for each different type of consumer use.”

For example, its “Stay Sharp” blades, used in a wide range of applications including kitchen knives are a result of using carbon steels for edge retention and sharpness and stainless steels for ease of care and aesthetics.

“This company has learned a lot over the past 160 years and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our knives,” said Furman. “With a superior product, the next step is to raise our voice a little helping our customers and consumers understand the many competitive advantages this growing company brings to the market.”

“That’s why we’re so excited about this new relationship with True North,” said Furman. “We think as people learn more about our American made manufacturing process and the attention to detail that is put into each and every blade we make, R. Murphy will become a logical choice for more users.”


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