AlpineAire Foods Streamlines Under Single Name with All-Natural Ingredients

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Re-branding effort focuses on making it incredibly easy for consumers to understand calories and exactly what’s inside.

Minneapolis, Minn. – Streamlining four freeze-dried and dehydrated food brands under the well-recognized AlpineAire name, the Katadyn Group, which owns AlpineAire, will re-launch the brand this summer. They will focus on making it easier for consumers to understand their calorie needs vs. the calories in a given meal, and help consumers understand exactly what each menu item contains. In addition, AlpineAire is expanding its gluten-free and vegan meal options, providing more options for all diets.

“Our research showed that what’s important to consumers, beyond knowing they are buying a high-quality, all-natural meal for a backcountry trip, is knowing how their calorie/adventure fuel ­needs stack up against what’s actually inside the packaging, and understanding exactly what they are getting when they buy a specific type of meal,” said Shawn Hostetter, President of Katadyn North America. “The AlpineAire re-branding effort provides industry leading navigation allowing consumers to quickly and easily find the best food for their outdoor adventure by looking at the front of the packaging, and not having to dig for information. Clear bold icons on the front and back of each package show consumers our wide range of Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, and all natural food options. Our new packaging comes with a fill line indicator to easily measure the amount of water needed without the hassle of precisely measuring your water in the backcountry. Consumers have already told us how much they love the new packaging and navigation elements. Our retailers see this as a much needed evolution in the outdoor food category.”

The move also consolidates three other recognized food brands owned by Katadyn, Natural High, Richmoor and Gourmet Reserves, under the AlpineAire name, and transitioning to all-natural ingredients throughout the line. AlpineAire has been in the freeze-dried and dehydrated food business for more than 30 years

Using the strengths of each individual brand and repurposing their assets under the AlpineAire Foods name yield a well-structured, tiered line of products under one brand that will meet different types of consumers’ needs, Hostetter said.

About Katadyn Group
Katadyn is a leading producer of individual water treatment systems for the outdoor, marine, military and relief markets. Katadyn have been producing quality water systems for over 80 years. Today the Katadyn Group includes leading outdoor brands Trek ‘n Eat (Europe), AlpineAire (USA), Optimus stoves and Katadyn’s complete line of water treatment products (including reverse osmosis desalinators). Headquartered near Zürich, Switzerland, Katadyn operates subsidiaries and sales offices in the USA, Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, and Singapore, as well as a manufacturing facility in Romania.