Top 5 outdoor hashtags on Instagram - SNEWS

Take it from a millennial: Hashtags rule the Insta-universe. Slap a few popular hashtags onto your post, and BOOM, all of a sudden you’re getting “likes” from Instagram users all over the world.

So how do you capitalize on the power of a hashtag to get your posts read by the masses? Choose them wisely.

The following list is a compilation of some of the most popular outdoors hashtag used by nature photographers, wilderness interest accounts, and outdoor retailers. 

While these hashtags are numerically some of the most popular outdoor ones on Instagram, this doesn’t mean you should rule out other less popular hashtags. In fact, using less popular or more specific hashtags can be helpful in helping you find the right target for your account (for example, #Yosemite or #womenwhohike). If you’re feeling extra Insta-adventurous, start your own hashtag...who knows, maybe it will be the beginning of a hashtag movement. 


Jeremy Jones

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