August 3, 2020: Outdoor Industry News - SNEWS

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VF’s social consciousness: The parent company of The North Face and Smartwool snagged the top spot on Barron’s List of Most Socially Conscious Companies.

Representation on public lands: Surveys of national parks show that less than 2 percent of visitors are Black, less than 5 percent are Hispanic, and 5 percent are Asian. Why? [WFAA]

Climbing for Change: Professional climber Kai Lightner has launched a nonprofit to address racial inequality in rock climbing. [Rock and Ice]

Interview with Newell CEO: The chief executive of Newell Brands, Coleman and Marmot’s parent company, discusses the impacts of the coronavirus on the outdoor industry. [Yahoo Finance]

Which face mask to wear: These are the best masks, according to top outdoor gear specialists. [Forbes]

Stay safe flying: If you’ve got travel plans coming up, follow these travel tips to stay healthy on airplanes. [HI Travel Tales]

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In memory of Mark Satkiewicz: The former president of Smartwool passed away this weekend. He was 52.

Ski the Whites: This #CoolShop in New Hampshire started out of the back of a truck.

Opinion: "Brands need to double down on marketing right now," says Formidable Media's Scott P. Kaier.