A microscopic close-up of the coronavirus, stained blue and yellow

From supply chain to events to store closing, the coronavirus is sending shock waves through the outdoor industry.

In late 2019 and early 2020, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) began reshaping life around the globe, affecting work, recreation, industry, schools, the economy, and human relationships more drastically than anything the world had seen in decades. The outdoor industry, like all else, suffered turbulent times.

Major events were cancelled or postponed, brands and retailers shut down, workers were sent home (both with and without pay), and travel plans were dashed. Many in the industry stepped up to help those who were suffering. Revenue-sharing initiatives and donation programs kicked into gear. Communities of outdoor enthusiasts banded together to support local retailers who suddenly had no cash flow and no workforce. 

From the beginning, SNEWS dedicated itself to covering the pandemic thoroughly and fairly, bringing readers accurate, thoughtful, up-to-date information as the situation developed. We collected our coverage in standalone new stories and two running timelines of events: one related to brands and businesses, the other to shows and events.