It's going to be a chaotic year for holiday shopping, that's for sure. Local stores are doing their best to keep customers safe, as they have been for months, but it looks like Amazon will be poised to capitalize (once again) on a difficult situation.

We want to know: How are you planning to get your hands on gifts for the people on your list? Weigh in below to see what the rest of the industry is saying. NOTE: You can choose more than one answer.



Poll: What safety measures will you take when you reopen?

As retailers start to reopen in select states, everyone seems to be grappling with the same question: How much caution is necessary to keep people safe? The issue of whether to require masks has already generated debate, but that's not where safety measures end. Many store more


Poll: How do you feel about all these webinars?

Outdoor industry webinars have cropped up swiftly and relentlessly in the last few months. Since the pandemic began, it seems like every week there's a new online event (or five) covering all manner of coronavirus-related concerns, from applying for small business loans to more


Poll: How do you deal with TP while backpacking?

With summer backpacking season fast approaching, a classic hikers' debate has stirred once again: What do you do about toilet paper on the trail? This year, the question is a little more topical than usual; TP has never enjoyed a moment in the spotlight quite like this. Still, more

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Poll | Did you buy any outdoor gear through discount email offers this holiday season?

'Tis the season for passive email promotions. We're working on a story about how email promotions impact specialty retailers during the holiday season. Your answer will help inform our story. So spill the beans. Want to share more? Comment below or email us at more

Venture Out at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2018

Poll: When will you travel to an in-person trade show?

When it comes to trade shows, we're still in limbo across most of the industry. The old way of doing business—thousands of people gathering in a convention center—is still a long way off. Outdoor Retailer announced yesterday that its winter trade show, originally scheduled for more

Three women chatting at a trade show with other people in background

Poll: Will coronavirus impact your spring travel plans?

The outdoor industry spring/summer calendar is packed with events: We've got Outdoor Retailer, The Big Gear Show, Grassroots Connect, dozens of regional rep shows, Capitol Summit, Outdoor Media Summit, and so many more. So many people crowded into enclosed spaces, so many more

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Poll | How did you get into the outdoor industry?

Many of us have what a lot of people would consider to be dream jobs. Sure, work is work, but a lot of what we do revolves on getting people outside. And we get to do a lot of that ourselves, too. We're curious how you got started in this great industry. Share your stories with more


Poll: Has your staff grown or shrunk during the pandemic?

Trying to predict how the coronavirus will affect companies—whether small or large—has proven to be a difficult, if not impossible, endeavor. Just this week, REI confirmed that it will lay off 400 retail employees, even as sales of camping equipment and other outdoor goods surge. more


Poll: Retailers, will you require customers to wear masks?

As states across the country look toward easing restrictions on social distancing, retailers are grappling with how to keep their customers safe when doors reopen. Some, like GearHeads Outdoor Store in Moab, have purchased large hand-washing stations. Others are considering more