Industry Buzz: REI revolutionizes outerwear, Everest season, a customer service example, and more.

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Happy Monday, everyone! By now, we hope you've made Industry Buzz part of your morning routine. If not, you should. Here's what the outdoor industry is buzzing about today. 

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  • On Sunday, REI introduced the ZipAll, a chartreuse full-body suit with pockets and zippers galore to store all your outdoor essentials. There's a rear pocket for snacks, a pop-out cape and hat, a marshmallow roasting holster, and even a zipper down the front for when nature calls. Sold? Unfortunately, you won't find the onesie in stores anytime soon — the product is REI's take on an April Fools' prank.
  • It's Everest season, and teams are heading up through the Khumbu Valley on their way way to base camp. For nearly 10 years, Alan Arnette has blogged about all the action from Kathmandhu to Summit Day. Read his latest post about the most luxurious camp, set up by Russian outfitter 7 Summits Club. 
  • Darren Bush, owner of Rutabaga Paddlesports in Madison, Wisconsin, sets an example for other retailers by prioritizing his customers over profit. Read what Bush did when a customer wanted to return rack parts bought two years prior.
  • Marmot is opening a pop-up store with ExOfficio in the Denver International Airport. You can apply to be a store manager, assistant manager, or supervisor.

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