In an upcoming story in The Voice, two industry experts engage in a lively debate about the health and future of outdoor specialty brick-and-mortar retail. What’s your hot take?

The issue drops on June 18. We’re tackling a slew of big topics, like: 

  • Is Your Paycheck Big Enough?
  • Sex & Power, Part 2
  • Anger, Bullying, & Progress on DEI
  • The Next Generation of Specialty Retailer
  • Sales Rep Confidential
  • Are all Gear Reviews Pay to Play?
  • Plastic Impact Alliance and getting rid of plastic at OR
  • Are Pro Deals Killing the Industry?


Kristin's name tag from Erewhon

Poll | Should retail shop employees wear name tags?

Sometimes customers walk in and out of a specialty store with exactly what they need. But other times, customers require a special level of customer service and care from an employee to seek the right fit or product for their next outdoor endeavor. That's when our question comes more

Magazine cover of The Voice. Illustration of hiker moving towrds a snow-capped mountain with blue sky

Read the digital issue of The Voice, No. 2

The issues you hear in the hallways of trade shows and in conversations at your store or business? We explored those on paper. Our new trade journal, The Voice, dives into the big questions facing our industry. Read our latest issue online or subscribe to receive a hard copy. more

Canvas tents cluster in Curry Village in Yosemite

Industry Buzz: Retail predictions, Yosemite's historic names, ORCA, Nikwax, prAna, trash song, and one editor's outdoor pants picks

Keep up by reading Industry Buzz. Here are today's top headlines: Have a news tip? Email us at A song about trash: Grammy Award Winner Keb' Mo' has a new song "Don't Throw It Away" with Taj Mahal, in support of the global movement to stop plastic more

Cover of SNEWS Outdoor Specialty Retail Store Directory

The 2019 SNEWS Outdoor Specialty Retail Directory

Our Outdoor Specialty Retail Store Directory (available for purchase and download below) is truly specialty outdoor retail. We created a list that embodied specialty outdoor retailers—those selling at least the core outdoor products of backpacks, tents and sleeping bags. Apparel- more

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 2.30.10 PM

Poll: What are you most excited to read in the summer issue of The Voice?

Today is a very special day for us here at SNEWS. Our print publication, The Voice, heads to the presses this evening despite major pandemic-related disruptions to the production process. We're very proud of everyone on the team for getting the issue across the finish line more

Outdoor Retailer WInter Market 2018

Poll | Which upcoming Outdoor Retailer show(s) will you attend?

Attending a national trade show three times a year is a lot for some outdoor industry members, especially when you factor in all the regional shows that happen year round, where the brunt of the buying work actually gets done.  There's still ample chatter about whether three big more

Map of the U.S. with pins

Poll | You're launching your dream outdoor business. What state would you choose for HQ?

Choosing the location for your business hub is a big deal and decided on many factors. With yesterday's news of VF Corp basing its global headquarters in Denver, Colorado, we're curious to know where you'd call home if you were setting up your dream corporation. more

Women on Wikipedia

Is trail food the athleisure of snacking?

Now that performance and fashion aren’t mutually exclusive benefits of comfy clothes, many of us wear our trail attire to the office and beyond. As trail food gets tastier and healthier, do you ever find yourself craving a Clif Bar instead of a Snickers, or bringing backcountry more

Three women chatting at a trade show with other people in background

Poll: Will coronavirus impact your spring travel plans?

The outdoor industry spring/summer calendar is packed with events: We've got  Outdoor Retailer, The Big Gear Show, Grassroots Connect, dozens of regional rep shows, Capitol Summit, Outdoor Media Summit, and so many more. So many people crowded into enclosed spaces, so many more