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In an upcoming story in The Voice, two industry experts engage in a lively debate about the health and future of outdoor specialty brick-and-mortar retail. What’s your hot take?

The issue drops on June 18. We’re tackling a slew of big topics, like: 

  • Is Your Paycheck Big Enough?
  • Sex & Power, Part 2
  • Anger, Bullying, & Progress on DEI
  • The Next Generation of Specialty Retailer
  • Sales Rep Confidential
  • Are all Gear Reviews Pay to Play?
  • Plastic Impact Alliance and getting rid of plastic at OR
  • Are Pro Deals Killing the Industry?


The Mountaineer in Keene Valley, New York, is an outdoor specialty shop. Green and blue shingles building with snow on the roof

Retailers: Do you own or rent your building?

A new set of responsibilities come with homeownership—yard work, paying property taxes, following zoning rules. But there's also newfound freedoms that renting doesn't offer, such as getting to remodel and paint, and avoiding landlord troubles and inflated rent prices. The same more